HPV, which comprises more than 150 related viruses, is the most common STI, according to the CDC.

There are two main types: low risk, which usually only cause private part warts, and high risk, which can lead to penile, an*l, and cancers. You can catch it via intercourse, oral s*x, or even skin-to-skin contact during s*x.

Using condoms during s*x can help reduce, but not eliminate, your chances of infection, says Michael Krychman, M.D., executive director of the Southern California Center for s*xual Health.

Signs of HPV: “HPV almost never has visible symptoms,” says Herbenick.

Most strains don’t cause warts, and when they do, they’re often tiny—not like the
“scare photos” from your high school’s health class

How to detect HPV: Unfortunately, there are no currently recommended tests to detect HPV in men, Dr. Ghanem says.

How to treat HPV: While warts can be frozen off, removing the lesion doesn’t cure your infection. The warts can recur and the infection can still be spread.

(H/T: Menshealth)