If you or somebody you know was a victim of abuse, then you might want to read more about these. Understanding where another person is coming from, or getting to know yourself better, can make all the difference.

1.  You Have Constant Mood Swings

Living with a toxic person who abuses you can cause you to have many different emotions at the same time.

2. Apologize All The Time

Children of abuse might feel as though they weren’t ever able to do anything right. As a result, they always apologize, even in their adult life, and even when they didn’t do anything wrong.

3. Second Guessing Everything

When you have lived in a chaotic world of emotional abuse, you can never truly trust in anything. Instead, you might always be afraid of something bad happening or someone betraying you.

4. You Seem Tough But Are Very Sensitive

During a difficult childhood, you learn how to be tough, because you have to be. Nevertheless, you also experience a number of strong emotions at a young age, which cause you to be especially sensitive in your adult life.

5.  Asking Questions Even When The Answer Is Obvious

If you have ever been a victim of abuse, you may doubt yourself every single time, even when you know you are right. Due to this, you mind find yourself asking a million questions, ene when the answers are obvious.

6. You Are Self-Disciplined

To combat a parent or caregiver that was constantly searching for your mistakes, you might become a perfectionist. You are timely, clean, and well-organized. Lots of victims of abuse tend to over-do because they want to people please.

7. You Are Sensitive To Loud Noises

If you have grown up in fear, you might be used to being yelled at, so that loud noises remind you of abuse.

8. You Are Introverted

So many victims of abuse are afraid of socializing with people, and might sometimes try to distance themselves as much as they can.