How Men Destroy Their Marriages

Relationships are much like bridges; a lot goes into the construction and maintenance, but breaking them is a lot easier. Especially when it comes to marriages, both partners can tend to take each other for granted, and behave in ways that can damage the bond. But even though both partners are responsible for a healthy […]

5 Simple Ways to Hypnotize Your Partner on a First Date

A first date comes with so many expectations and that’s because you’re meeting him/her for the first time. It’s normal to be conscious of so many things at the same time: like your dress, how you gonna smell and more. While you are preparing for all these, care is needful because certain things could speak […]

32 Things MEN Must Know

It made me wonder how various relationships would survive where there are segregated responsibilities or roles that men MUST not take. Just as I believe in ego, I also believe that some things if occasionally done doesn’t kill a man’s ego – they only cause maximum effect – they brightens the union and quickens the […]

Romantic Ways to Make Him Always Rushing Home to You

It’s the delight of every woman to be cuddled in the warm and smoothing embrace of her man after the day’s work. It’s the delight of every man to be welcomed home with a smile by his woman. It’s an inexplainable little but sweet feeling of satisfaction, presence and security. Though, it’s unfortunate that some women misses that […]