10 Things You Should Know if You Love a Highly Sensitive Person

A highly sensitive person is programmed to be that way. In fact, the journal Brain and Behavior conducted a study that had some surprising results. What they discovered is that the regions of the brain associated with empathy and awareness when viewing emotional pictures of others became far more active than that of the average […]

Surprising Test That Will Reveal the Truth About You

What do our everyday habits, like how we carry a bag, reveal about us? A lot, as it turns out. According to Bright Side, suggests taking a simple test that will probably surprise you. Just pick the figure that carries a bag the way you do, and then read the result below.  1. Behind your back If you prefer a backpack, you’re probably always ready for adventure and prepared […]

Problems Only Curvy Girls Understand

This is the 12 Problems Only Curvy Girls Understand 1. Finding a pair of jeans that fit your butt and your waist feels like winning the lottery. If it fits your waist, it’s so tight it squeezes your butt cheeks in. If it fits your butt, you have this huge space around your waist, almost […]