Caring for Your Partner During Pregnancy

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Although the nine months of pregnancy can be a joyous time for expectant mothers, it can also be a very emotional and stressful time too,

which it is important that they get plenty of support from their partners and loved ones.

Pregnancy is a stage of life in which women are affected significantly by hormones generated in their bodies as a result of the child’s

growth. These hormones subject women to different bodily changes and conjure a multitude of conflicting emotions of which they have

little or no control over. As a result of this, it is important that expectant mothers get as much support and understanding as possible

from their medical care provider, their loved ones and partners.


To be able to care adequately for a pregnant woman, partners need an understanding of the different stages of pregnancy. Pregnancy

experiences may not necessarily be the same for all women: some maintain sturdiness throughout gestation, while others feel sickly due to

changes, which can lead to nausea, excessive weight increase and other health risks. The first pregnancy stage is one in which many

women suffer from nausea or “morning sickness.” In the second stage, most women become acclimatised to their condition and are able to

control their nausea. Even though some difficulties (for instance: weight gain) still exist, they can be well-managed. The third stage,

however, is the last of the three, ushering in the delivery of a newborn baby.

Supporting your partner during pregnancy

Generally, a partner is expected to be available to help at the various times of need in pregnancy. This will involve planning a personal

schedule that allows for as much quality time with the expectant mother as possible. While a loving presence does not necessarily

guarantee an easy pregnancy, it certainly goes a long way in helping an expectant mother to relax. It is also important to talk to

expectant mothers about their feelings and the changes they are going through, this will let them know that you are interested in their

condition and make them feel loved.