Can Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Help Treat Anxiety

Anxiety disorder is quite a common issue around the globe. A lot of people from different age groups are suffering from anxiety and other mental disorders. Many of them know about it, and a lot of them are not even aware of what they are dealing with. This is a myth that mental instability can only happen to certain age groups, and this is the most concerning knowledge about anxiety.

We need to understand that anxiety, depression, or any type of mental illness is not associated with age, sex, profession, class, or any other external factors, anyone can have these disorders because of their thoughts, life problems, way of taking pressure and other personal issues. Many of us even tend to deny the existence of such harmful issues.

Scientific researches show that 1 in a group of every 13 individuals is suffering from anxiety, which covers approximately 7.3% of the world population. Other mental disorders are even higher in numbers.

Thus in 1960, therapy was found to treat mental disorders. Later with time, many progressive changes made it one of the best ways to treat mental issues. Firstly, it was created for dealing with depression, but later now, it is renowned for anxiety management as well. Another method of treating anxiety that is growing amongst the Christian community is a Bible-based approach – Honey Lake offers anxiety treatment which may interest those looking for a solution to coping with poor mental health without being medicated.


Anxiety is a mental disorder which leads to an excessive feeling of fear, worry, and creates a panic attack like situation for the patient. Anxiety is quite different from other mental illnesses, as this is a temporary disorder that can be treated very easily by good physiologic treatment, as well as with help from other medication (like that you can grow if you buy seeds online).

People commonly misunderstand anxiety with advanced levels of mental disorders, but anxiety issues are a widespread disorder that exists within the brain but still is unnoticed by a lot of patients. One just needs to be observant about the symptoms and should take treatments and medications prescribed by specialists. Some specialists by suggest the use of medical marijuana to aid with treating anxiety. Medical marijuana is often used as a viable remedy with various consumption methods, such as edibles. With the growing interest in medical marijuana, alternative consumption methods are becoming widely researched. An example of this can be seen in the use of resin, a liquid component of marijuana, which appears when it is pressed. You can learn more about resin presses by reading about the Nugsmasher pros and cons and other presses and consumption methods.


There are very easily detectable symptoms of anxiety disorder. Observation and concern about the mental state can make you understand the typical disorder.

  • Feeling of fear
  • Unnecessarily worrying
  • Overthinking
  • Panic attacks
  • unusual sweating
  • Shivering or feeling chills
  • Insomnia
  • Unbalanced food habit
  • Heavy breathing
  • High heart rate
  • Congestion in chest
  • Restlessness

These are some universal symptoms of anxiety disorder.


Anxiety disorder is caused by severe constant reasons present around us. Worrying about bills and businesses does not count in anxiety. It is a disorder caused by internal destruction, fear, or feelings of embarrassment or humiliation.

Some factors are as follows-


Continuous and constant stress is a very familiar cause of anxiety. Stressing over disturbing past events or performance pressures, etc., are considered serious reasons. People who stress a lot about everything or anything are easy to get anxiety issues irrelevant to how big or small the problems are.


Personality is a big factor in our lives. The way we think, the way we try to do things, the way we deal with pressure or any type of momentary problem, the way we try and control things near us, and our perception towards the world affects our mental stability. Negative, competitive, and dominating people can easily develop anxiety issues.


Chronic or major health issues causing excessive pain or long-term physical illness also causes anxiety disorder.


In many cases, anxiety is also passed on by ancestors to their heir like other diseases -diabetes, blood pressure, etc.


People consuming drugs or alcohol on higher usage are always at high risk of getting anxiety and many other mental problems.

Miscellaneous reasons

There are many more reasons that can cause anxiety or depression in a human being. Sometimes the past also leads to serious anxiousness. Pregnancy to the death of someone loved can also create mental disorders.


Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a process that aims towards the improvement of mental health. CBT mainly focuses on changing unnecessary thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, or behaviors as well as improves emotional support systems helping a person restoring an optimistic point of view towards life and making wiser decisions that would make him satisfied with a lot of his problems. It is very important, according to CBT, for a patient to have an optimistic and positive perception of his life.

CBT has six important stages of treatment that process towards the betterment, and each step is equally important for dealing with different types of anxiety issues. CBT is said to be effective in more than 70% of the cases.


In the six stages of the treatment, the therapist or the specialist aims at the problem, starting from the roots towards the end. The steps are arranged in a manner to destroy the disorder completely.

Detecting the particular reason causing anxiety in the patient helps the treatment to take a successive growth, then with other sessions and steps, CBT aims towards the required changes needed in the patient, which leads to deterioration in the symptoms, and lastly, the steps work towards final confirmation of healthy mental stability.


CBT is a very successful method of treating anxiety and many other mental disorders. Around the global success rate of CBT is between 70-80%. Many people have a healthy life because of it. But not all of the patients around the world know about this method. Still, many health organizations are working towards the treatment and awareness needed for the respective.

It is very important to maintain our mental health, there are plenty of reasons that can take you towards an unhealthy mental state, but it is our responsibility to recognize and be careful towards our health and do the needful. On-time treatment and prevention can help faster recovery. Ignorance can create serious life-threatening issues.

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