2How to break into plus-size modeling

This is an industry that is packed with competition so you will have to think outside the box and try many different options. Begin at the bottom to build some experience by ringing up shopping departments and offering your services as an in-store model. Rehearse a sales pitch and don’t take no for an answer, being polite and courteous at the same time

Offer them your services for free for a week to see what reaction you provoke on the floor. At the very least you will gain some much needed experience. Find the nearest modeling agencies near your home and enquire about plus-size models they hire. If they represent plus-size models then ask when their next open day is for plus-size modeling. When you do meet with agencies you should wear as little make-up as possible and dress simply. Find clothes and styles that suit your body and that reveal your natural beauty. The first impression will be key so make sure to be enthusiastic and stick out from the crowd without overplaying an act. Bring two photographs with you; a full length shot of you in swimwear and a facial close up.

1Staying calm when try to break into plus-size modeling

Plus-size modeling is a difficult industry that will challenge your self-esteem and confidence daily. Try to stay on an even keel by maintaining a day job and keeping your close friends near to you. You will be working in a different location often and meeting new people all the time.

Stay grounded because fashion trends change all the time and you may not suit every look. Do not get disheartened; keep doing what you are good at and you will get more jobs then you get rejected over. Remember, confidence is the key; agents can spot nerves and anxiety a mile away so you will need to remain calm and the best way to do that is to know that you have alternatives and other options.Plus-Size  2