To meet a new guy is a big deal and the bigger deal is to begin a conversation. For girls, it becomes really difficult to start a friendly conversation. Getting started with a conversation is indeed more difficult when you are meeting a new chap, and you really like him. You don’t want to sound too distant and at the same time not very close either. You neither want to look haughty and proud, nor self-conscious and diffident. I understand that it leaves you in confusion, and I can very well understand the dilemma of choosing the right topics to talk to the guy you hardly met. So, here are some conversation starters that will help you to break the ice.

1)      Weather

It’s the safest and easiest way to begin a talk. You can begin with ‘wow, what a pleasant weather’. You like or dislike – whatever you say, it will surely make the talk going.

2)      Sports

You know how much these guys love sports. So, you can talk about an upcoming cricket or soccer match. But, before including sports in your conversation starter’s list, do take care that you should be aware of the details of the same.

3)      School/College/Subjects

Sometimes the boring studies prove to be a great conversation starter. Of course, if you are meeting a guy for the first time, you can ask all such questions. Don’t get into deeper details though, stop asking questions like how much did you score and all monotonous questions. Just ask generally- the school or college name and the subjects that he had.

4)      Facebook

For the current generation, the best conversation starter could be Facebook. It is a hot topic, which will make the conversation going.  You can ask him his views on social networks, from how long he is on Facebook or why is he on Facebook, etc.

5)      Gadget Talk

It is also one of the safest conversation starters for those girls who are gadget freaks. Talk about the latest phone model and its features. If you two have the nice phones, then you guys can discuss your own phones too. You never know that the conversation might get interesting, and you might end up sharing your phone numbers!

6)      Food

Guys usually like to talk about food, and it is one of their favourite topics. It works as a great conversation starter. Talk about your and his favourite cuisines that you have tasted and about the cuisines that you want to try in future. Converse about your best dish or his favourite restaurants, or discuss the most happening or mutually liked food items.

7)      Family

Ask him about his family members and his relatives. You should at least know something about his family background and about his native origin. This will make him feel that you are taking interest in knowing him, and thus it will make your conversation strong.

8)      Surroundings

Whether you like it or not, try to converse something about the surrounding- wherever you are.  There might be other people around, talk about them this way- ‘wow, she is wearing a nice dress’ or ‘what a cute kid’. He might agree/ disagree, but it will keep the talk rolling.

9)      Hobbies

This is also one of the best conversation starters, especially when you don’t know much about the person. Ask him about his hobbies or things he likes to do whenever he is free. You might choose one of his hobbies and discuss further on it, to keep the conversation ongoing.

10)  Current Affairs

It is a general topic to start a conversation, but an interesting one too. This will make him feel that you have knowledge about general affairs too. It will help you in flaunting your knowledge, but don’t try to be an extra show off stuff as it might disgust him. A simple conversation might become a happening one with this conversation starter.

11)  Favourite Movies, Actor and Actress

It is also a great conversation starter to include the interesting elements in the talk. Ask him about his favourite movies that he can watch end number of times, or ask him about his favourite actor, actress, and the reason why he likes them.

12)  Life

Talk about life in general. But, do not try to be personal. Ask him for his perceptions and philosophies about life. His aim in life or what he aspires to be in his life. Conversing about life is an open-ended conversation, and you can talk about it with a stranger.

13)  Weird Stories

Discuss about some real life experiences or may be the experiences that you have heard or read. It could be weird, interesting, bizarre or simply funny. These conversations might end up making your meet a humorous and enjoyable one.