It’s so much easy to date people who flirt, chat, and behave open about things. But the charm is different when dating an introvert, who would open only to you and save those secret shy smiles only for their ‘one partner’. So here are some fab tips to help you know your quiet, reserved boyfriend better, and how to hit it right with him.

1. Striking a conversation and carrying it on

If your introvert partner is not talking much, don’t think they are getting bored or dread of your company. They might be warm and happy in the inside. But, since you’ll obviously want to know them better, try to strike a conversation and work to keep it alive. They don’t necessarily interact much; therefore it’s totally up to you to mould and shape your chats.

2. Initiate touching

It’s not just your conversations and interactions that you will have to initiate, but even touching, and slight physical exchanges work. Don’t worry, it’s not forever that you will have to do so; they will be just as much fun as any other person, once they become comfortable. Though, till then, you will have to pursue in beginning.

3. Your outings and socializing will not be the same as before

No one’s asking you to hibernate with your boyfriend in the Antarctica, but going out with your friends or colleagues thrice a week is surely not going to happen anymore. Your boyfriend will most likely not appreciate this frequency of outings and will hate tagging along. Instead of them, he might prefer hanging out at home, watching a movie, or reading a good book together. So set your priorities. Don’t ignore your friends in the process of- ‘getting to know my shy guy’.

4.  Stay Patient

Since introverts are not too vocal with their feelings and emotions, you might sometimes find yourself questioning the basis of the relationship. Don’t lose heart. Stay patient and they’ll signal hints showing that they love you just as much. Therefore, patience is the key to developing a strong and fulfilling relationship with an introvert partner; all you’ve got to do is give it some time.

5. Inform them in advance about important decisions

Introverts usually don’t like hasty decisions. So if, you are planning to thrust something heavy on them, let them know about what is about to come. You must involve them in all the big decisions that involve both of you or you alone. You can schedule the talk so that they have plenty of time to process all that is to be anticipated.

6. They need time

From bitter fights to deep conversations, introverts need time to evaluate and analyse what’s been happening in their life. So don’t get them rush into your choices and preferences because it’s not necessary, they’d want the same thing too. Allow them to reflect on things and act according to their wishes.

7.  Don’t force your choices on them

No two people are alike. Therefore, don’t force your options upon your partner. As they are shy, and now you are pushing them into a different direction. In this way, what a nightmarish girlfriend you might be! So spare them your dominance and let them be! Your coy better half will love being with you.