Body Language: Signs A Man/Guy Is Attracted To You

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How to Tell If A Guy Likes You

Attraction is a natural thing that exists between members of the opposite sex. Women are naturally attracted to men and the same is true for men who show different signs of attractionto women. In today’s world of dating and relationships many women are on the dark regarding the subject of body language of men and the significance it may have on their relationship journey. Many women ask themselves the following questions when they happen to meet a guy they like;

  • Is he into me?
  • Is he interested in me?
  • Does he show signs that he loves me?
  • How to know if a guy is interested in me?
  • How to know if he loves me?

Knowing whether a guy loves you comes as a result of the combination of many factors but one sure way of telling whether he likes you or not is observing and understanding his body language. Observing the body language of men is crucial in determining if they really have a feeling for you and if there is a likelihood of them falling in love with you. From the look of his body language a girl can surely discover many evident signs that suggest a man likes her.

In this article I will put into perspective some of the top body languages of men that can convince a girl that a man is attracted to her.


He Will Make The First Move

Making the first move in creating a conversation with you is a surefire way to suggest he likes you and that he has an interest in you. If you meet a man in movie, restaurant, bar, church or anywhere else and he is interested in you, he will most likely make the first move and entice you into a conversation with him that may lead to you knowing one another. Making the first move is a body language of men that can tell a man is really attracted to a woman. Ask yourself, why does he have to start a conversation with you when he doesn’t know you? Obviously for a reason and that reason is nothing else but his sense of attraction to you. May be you impress him and he is determined to win your heart. The man may most likely feel that many men are after you and he would join the bandwagon to fight for your attention and heart. Therefore if you see a man make the first move in starting a conversation with you, then know that he is up to something and there is a high likelihood that he is reallyattracted to you. A man who doesn’t like you would rarely start a conversation with you.


He Tries to Impress You

This is also another body language of men that can be interpreted to mean something. When you meet a guy for the first or subsequent time and is interested in you, you will notice that he will develop a feeling of consciousness aimed at impressing you to the later. You will see him doing many different things aimed at grabbing your full attention. He makes himself as attractive as possible and does everything in his capacity to impress you and convince you that he is the perfect man you will ever meet. Some of the body language signs of consciousness he may exhibit towards you are running his hand in his hair, posturing in a gentlemanly way and pulling up his shirt as often as he can. He does all this to impress you and after observing all these mentioned body signs a woman can conclude that a guy may be interested in entering a relationship with her.


He Will Make Eye Contact With You

Another body language of men that tells they like you is their mode of staring and gesturing at you. If he is in love with you, you will know from the way his eyes are in contact with you. A man who isn’t interested in you is less likely to run his eyes on your entire body but a different scenario exists when he has a feeling of love for you. You suddenly meet a man that interests you and you are wondering if he does the same for you? One way of knowing the love myths and facts is his eye contact. Does he stare at you from head to toe in a repetitive manner? If yes know that he has some feelings for you and that there is a high likelihood of him being attracted to you. A man who is interested in you is observant and is like a surveyor. looking at your entire body longer than necessary suggests something which could be his sense of attraction to the good looks of your body.

He Will Be Friendly & Offer You Help

This is one of the body languages of men that alert you of their attraction to you. Is he kind enough to offer you so many unnecessary help? If yes he is attracted to you his unnecessary help indicates a sense of caring and love towards you. Some of the unnecessary help he may offer you to suggest his attraction to you include;

  • Offering you the chance to sit on his seat when there is shortage of sitting places in the room or the bus.
  • Offering you his sweater or jacket in cold days.
  • Treating you to spectacular and expensive foods.
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Body Language Books We Recommend

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