Learning how to bleach jeans without damaging them will help you liven up those old denims in a flash and give you the chance to transform cheap and ordinary jeans something you’ll feel fancy wearing.

People bleach jeans for different reasons. Some want to revive that old pair of dark jeans that’s looking washed out, while others might want to replicate those designer whitewashed jeans that cost an arm and a leg.

Where to Get Started

  • To get started, you will need bleach, a bucket, rubber gloves, a drying rack as well as some old newspapers or old towels and a sponge. You might also want to ask a friend to help you and. Perhaps most importantly, you will need a lot of patience and you will need to be very careful to prevent any mishaps that might end up ruining your jeans.
  • It might be a good idea to first get a pair of practice jeans. It could be any pair of jeans that you will never wear again, for whatever reason. This will help you gauge exactly what kind of results you can expect.

The Process of Bleaching Your Jeans

  • Start off by filling the bucket with warm water. Fill it about 3/4 of the way. Add a cup or two of bleach, depending on the result you want. This is where a pair of trial jeans will come in handy. It’s better to use less bleach, you can always do a second session if required. Put your jeans in the bucket, using gloves if you have sensitive skin.
  • Spread the jeans out. It would be best if you have a bathtub to bleach the jeans in. Never apply bleach directly to your jeans; mix the bleach into the water first before adding the jeans. Make sure they are submerged completely and all creases are covered. This will prevent the ‘tie-dye’ look. Bleach jeans for about five minutes, the time depending on how light you want the jeans to be. Stir the jeans every 30-40 seconds and check that all the crevices have been soaked through.

Drying Your Jeans

  • To complete the bleach jeans job, check that all hems and pockets have been bleached. Apply bleach with a sponge if not. Once you are satisfied with the colour, rinse your jeans and hang them out to dry on a drying rack or outside. Leave to dry completely and repeat the process if needed. Remember to be patient and careful for the best results.