When it comes to s*x and satisfaction, the size of a manhood is important but but the man’s skill in bed matters even more.

Men are competitive when it comes to ability to satisfy women, s*xually, but the size of the p*nis is actually a thing pride or shame for many.

So, the question is: does p*nis size really matter? It’s more than a yes or no thing…

We know, looking at Messi and Ronaldo that muscle or height does not define the quality of a footballer’s game. But can we say the same for the game of s*x, that physical endowment isn’t all it takes to get water of the rock cleft?

Many women say skill is tops over size but many guys still believe that the size of the package tops delivery method and this often becomes a let-down that kills your love life slowly.

But it’s all in your head.

There is no need to worry because most women within measuring distance of the p*nis usually have better things on their minds than finding a ruler.

A study that puts the average erect size of the adult p*nis between 5.5 inches and 6.2 inches in length and 4.7 inches and 5.1 inches in girth also found that 85% of women were satisfied with their partner’s penile size, but only 55% of men were satisfied.

So unless you own of a significantly small, less than 4.0 inches erect or significantly large, over 7.5 inches, your partner is not likely to notice it – not during s*x.

Truth is, if given the choice between larger-than-average size with below-average skills and average size with above-average skills, there is no contest, skill beats size every time.

Have you wondered why women like a skilled fingering, even though the largest finger is smaller than the average p*nis?

The v*gina is a pretty adaptable thing and can comfortably accommodate both large and small p*nises with the same relative degree of comfort.

The v*gina of a woman who hasn’t had a child is only 3.0 inches long when she’s not s*xually excited, and only 1 inch longer at arousal.

If you have a bazooka in your boxers, anything over the average is going to waste anyway because there wouldn’t be anywhere for those inches to go.

So clear your head!

Worrying about your p*nis size or lamenting your lack of it won’t do you much good in the long run, only ruin your chances for better s*x.

Asiontown.net, an online newspaper once reported a case in court where a woman reportedly asked for divorce from her husband because his p*nis was too long and she had to endure pain whenever she had s*x with him.

If you are truly concerned with your ability to get your woman moaning, learn all you can about satisfying her all round – tips, techniques and positions that can maximize what you’ve got.

Anyway, getting those extra inches is not too difficult these days…

For most female commentators, the size was important but only comes second behind the skill of the owner.

Odougwu Angela, “To me, what really matters is how emotionally attached you are to the person. Whether he has an iroko tree down there or a piece of chalk, as long as you feel nothing for the guy, you can never enjoy s*x.”

EkufreAbasi Ekanem held this opinion when she said, “It really matters when a guy has a big d*ck and can use it well. If a guy cannot satisfy a woman in bed he is not a man.”

 “Yea the big one matters, but how you use it maters a lot… if I want to date a guy for now, he must be good in all ways,” says Lesanmi Mariam.

“I believe 95 percent of women prefer big and average d*ck, but no matter how big or small, it’s the performance that matters and most important long last on a round,” added Olowole Olawale.

They noted that being able to manage whatever size one is endowed with is key to fulfilling s*x.

“What if a guy with a very big one can’t use it well and the guy with the small one is hot so what do we call that? Na una sabi, just be capable and hot,” Olaoluwa Ifeoluwa Abigail asked.

Only a few women like Emmanuel Blessing thought size was the most important thing.

“Big d*ck is the best weda e sabi or e no sabi e sweet because if the big d*ck enter you, you go feel am,” she wrote.

Surprisingly, most guys felt the size was rather very important.

One of them, Udemezue Chinedu Marcpherson, wrote “If you think that it doesn’t matter, wait until you get married and you will wish otherwise.”

“All woman need the big one because dem go pretend say dem non like am…” Eric Ehighe Osaye wrot.

They however agreed that being skilful is indispensable.

 “Big one make sense o… but you must learn how to use it. Most gals hate it when it is small. Make the thing big first. Even if you no sabi use am, dem go turn you, sit on top you, ride you well. Then you go believe,” said Justice Amanze.

This is echoed by Monero Francis who wrote, “Yes p*nis matters but some people who have big p*nis don’t know how to use it, as in fuck well.”

So do you agree or you have a different view?

source: http://pulse.ng/lifestyle/sexville/small-penis-it-s-not-the-end-of-your-sex-life-id2765308.html