When a woman enters a room, even quietly, men notice almost instinctively. It’s been this way since the very first woman, Eve, entered the world. No announcement is necessary. Her very presence is the kindest disruption of space and time, commanding the attention of men everywhere who love her. In awe, men watch as if their eyes have never beheld the beauty of a woman, one of God’s greatest gifts.

girl 2Her grace deserves this type of attention from men. Nevertheless, physical beauty, as captivating as it is, is the least factor of a woman’s great worth. Popular culture routinely presents her as a one dimensional over-sexualized optical dessert, compromising her value through its superficial lens of objectification. To highlight only the beauty that can only be seen externally is a travesty akin to paying the greater honor to the canvass on which the Mona Lisa is painted rather than the artistry within the masterpiece itself.

Her beauty is not to be discounted; being without compare, but neither is the well-spring that lies within her to be overshadowed or totally unnoticed for that which is outside of her. There is so much more to love about a woman, on the inside. Let’s just look at two great qualities found within her.


Often, a woman’s innate need for security is seen as a weakness by men that either forget or don’t recognize that women are not just feminine versions of men. Women are uniquely different from their male counterparts. Where a man would typically ‘sell the farm’ taking a risk, even well-thought-out calculated risks, a woman will still consider what he has not considered in his ‘conquering of the world.’ This tends to drive men nuts, those that fail to understand that her input can, and often will, save the proverbial ‘farm.’

A woman’s need for security will cause a wise man to make even better judgment to accommodate those needs. Her need for safety adds a greater degree of value to his thought process because he has to make considerations that he would not otherwise. Her need for security causes him to broaden his scope.


Strength is most often associated with a show of physical power and usually attributed to men. Physical strength is not the focus here. It has its proper place, but not in this discussion. There is a strength that a woman has, that is in no need of public announcement. Yet, neither is it hidden nor silenced. A woman’s strength is felt in the words of life and peace that she speaks to uplift the spirits of those whom she cares for.

She has the courage to be authentic in a culture that predetermines who a woman is to be and how she is to look. The way in which she carries herself distinguishes her from the less discriminate, that make a spectacle of beauty. Her grace and poise commands respect while others make attempts to demand the same. Even without words, her strength makes its presence felt. Her gentle embrace is worth a thousand words that all say I love you. Even without words, her voice is heard loudly. Hardships don’t break her. They become the lessons in life that season her, the knowledge that she draws from to inspire those whose lives she enriches as she touches them. That is her strength, the great, pure strength of a woman.

A woman’s need for security and yet, strength would appear to be contradictions, but are in fact nothing of the sort. These characteristics only begin to identify her great depth that often goes unnoticed due to the mainstream’s socialization that only exalts the beauty that lies without and rarely, if ever, the beauty that lies within.