A spot of blood might make you happy if you are afraid of an unwanted pregnancy and it might make you feel devastated if you were hoping to become pregnant. Most of the time it is nothing more than an expected point of your regular cycle. But what if instead it is completely unexpected? What are the reasons you may experience vaginal bleeding when your period is not due?

Bleeding between periods is not normal, and if you experience it you should see your doctor. Following are the most common reasons women experience vaginal spotting at times other than during menstruation.

1. You Could Be Near Or Having Your Period

You may have miscalculated the time of your period, or your period may be coming soon. It’s not uncommon to bleed a little in the days leading up to or following your period. If this bleeding occurred within three days of your period it is probably not a reason for concern, but be vigilant and speak with your doctor if something seems wrong.

2.You Could Be Pregnant

Sometimes a woman spots when her fertilized egg is implanted in the uterus, but this is likely to be no more than a few drops of blood. If you are pregnant, then heavier bleeding can be a sign of distress in your pregnancy.