How To Be The Best Mistress He Ever Had!

Falling in love with a married man is not easy. It comes along with a lot of commitments. Basically, when you decide to be a mistress to someone, you need to keep your eyes wide open and mouth shut. So, the very basic tips to be a mistress is first of all try and find out what he is looking out in this relationship, and why he is going for an extramarital affair. The main disadvantage of being a mistress is the relationship problems itself.

When you are falling for a married man, one of the good relationship mistress tips is that you should know why the man is seeking an extramarital affair.

The key to being a ‘good mistress’ is to keep your limits and make sure that they also understand these limits. One of the good tips to be a mistress is to keep everything about your relationship a secret. The following are a few relationship mistress tips.

Don’t be easily available One of the good tips to be a mistress is that you need to make them wonder, this can be done by making sure that you are easy as well as hard to get. Flirt a little, but not all the time, do not sound too desperate, and talk about other men – all this will make them wonder a little.

No Falling in Love Try not to fall in love with a married man, this will only hurt you as he will not be losing anything. This is one of the golden relationship mistress tips. You should know that when he can cheat on his wife, he can cheat on you too. If you are looking for someone to love, don’t go for a married man and make them an adulterer.

Send yourself some flowers One of the good tips to be a mistress is to treat yourself well, especially if it is with someone you work with. Try and send flowers with a note to office on a day that he is available and you aren’t. This way he will take the liberty to read the note and he will also be careful with the way he treats you.

Do not Brag One of the most important relationship mistress tips to follow is that once you have got him sleeping together; regularly watch what you say to others and who you say what. It is best if you don’t share this kind of information. The fun for a moment can become a lifelong problem in no seconds.

Enjoy the relationship Don’t take the relationship too seriously. If you do, it will only stress you out. Enjoy every aspect of the relationship. Just keep a few things in mind and be careful of what you say; everything else should be fine.