These days women can choose from a wide variety of jeans in sizes and styles to fit almost any taste, occasion and budget. Even the curviest of women can walk into a high street store and find a pair of jeans that best displays her figure while keeping fashion very close to mind.

dark skinny jeans, leopard pumps, how curvy girls wear skinny jeans, curvy chic outfitsDon’t sacrifice comfort for style
As with any piece of clothing, jeans should fit properly. Jeans tailored especially for women should be designed and adequately cut to allow for ample movement of the waist and hips. One of the secrets to well-fitting women’s jeans is stretch fabric. Stretch denim offers an active, full-figured woman advantages by hugging the curves while at the same time keeping the jeans in a neat, tailored shape. With stretch denim, it’s not necessary to wear jeans that are two sizes too small in order to get a shapely silhouette.

LRimageTake advantage of optical illusion
A hip-hugging waistband tends to draw the eye to the waist area, and unless you’re blessed with six-pack abs, calls attention to the slightest “muffin top.” Instead, go for a pair with a medium rise which buttons at, or just above, the navel. Avoid jeans with pockets at the hips since they tend to optically widen the hip area and throw body shape out of proportion. As far as colors are concerned, it’s probably best to stick to a dark-blue or black shade rather than choosing bleached or faded looks. Dark colors force the eye to travel from top to bottom, optically slimming the figure.  A great fitting pair of jeans deserves to be your outfit’s center of attention. You can dress them up with either a stylish belt, sequins, studs, patches, embroidery or other accessories in order to emphasize a curvy shape or disguise trouble spots. Remember, what you wear with the jeans can make or break the look. A pair of good-looking, stylish jeans really shouldn’t be hidden by a billowy, knee-length tunic!