My Husband isn’t a big fan of celebrating his birthday (must be a man thing cuz I love celebrating my 29th birthday every year!) But on our anniversary, I know we can go all out. Every year, my goal is for us to experience something special and that we’ve never done before. Now, I’m not jumping out of any planes (no shade if that’s your thing) but I’ve found a few fun and creative ways to celebrate our union that are just a little outside the box:

1. Have a stay-cation: Order your favorite foods, hire an in home massage therapist, rent some movies and chill some wine. Create the perfect stay at home experience to celebrate you and your boo.

2. Discover your roots: Celebrate your special day in the place where you or your spouse was born. Share some of your favorite childhood spots and walk together down memory lane. Already visited each others hometown? Dig a little deeper and travel to one or both of your ancestors country of origin.

3. Talk about your dream vacation: And then take it. My hubs wants to go visit Alaska and I’d rather go somewhere warm and sunny. Decide which dream vacay to go on first, then switch for the next anniversary.

4. Create a couples bucket list:
 And start checking things off!

5. Recreate your first date:Reach into the past a re-live one of your first moments together. Depending on how long you’ve been together the location of your first date may be closed or you may have moved far away. Either way, you can create a similar feel with places close to home.

6. Celebrate your inner child: Spend the day at some place like an amusement park or arcade and enjoy some carefree fun.

7. See the sights: Chances are you probably haven’t had a tourist experience in your own city. Check out local museums and tourist attractions and experience your city in a new way.

8. Reminisce: If you had a traditional wedding go through your wedding day photos and video and talk about your special day. If you didn’t have a traditional wedding, talk about your perfect ceremony. Bonus points: Start planning a vow renewal or re-commitment ceremony.

9. Get crafty with it: Paint a picture, take a pottery class, create a mural on a wall in your home. Whatever it is, let your creativity flow, together.

10. Share your sexual fantasies: Take turns sharing your wildest fantasies and then act them out.