Baby Was Born Without A Single Drop Of Blood In Her Body

A young girl amazed medical experts when she was born 4 years ago without a single drop of blood in her body.

Maisy Vignes was 6 weeks premature when she made her way into the world 4 years ago. Her mother Emma who was in her late 20s at the time, feared that that her newborn baby wouldn’t make it through her first few days. As it turned out, the mother had somehow absorbed all of Maisy’s blood during the pregnancy – something doctors had never heard of before. Instead of healthy blood, the girl’s veins were filled with only a plasma substance. The baby had to spend two weeks in intensive care and undergo a total of 3 blood transfusions.


Her parents were still frightened that Maisy would grow up with brain damage, but she’s now leading a normal life just like every other average 4 year old and has taken a liking to her school and teachers.