A significant number of people are blighted by chronic stomach pain each year, there may be a variety of reasons for this, however certain food stuffs can also be responsible, which is why a good diet is essential.

Making changes to one’s diet can help alleviate stomach pain. Some foods, once identified, should be eliminated from the diet altogether. However, there are other foods which are nutrient rich and should only be avoided when pain is severe. Therefore, making adjustments to one’s diet in this way can help a sufferer make more informed choices regarding the meals that they eat.

Fatty Foods

  • Fatty foods often contain substances that can exacerbate stomach contractions and therefore, lead to increased stomach pain. It is important to try to consume only low-fat meals, avoiding fried, greasy and fatty food at all times. Similarly, large meals can also increase stomach contractions, and take longer to digest. It is advisable to prepare small portions, and as a guide, sufferers should eat small amounts frequently.

Drinks Containing Caffeine

  • Caffeine prevents the stomach muscles from relaxing, and therefore, contributes to prolonged periods of stomach pain. Tea, coffee and cola drinks all contain high levels of caffeine. Consequently, these drinks should be avoided or, eliminated from one’s diet completely.

Gassy Foods

  • Gassy foods often contain sugars such as lactose and fructose. Similarly, they also often contain soluble fiber. These substances are not digested in the stomach as other foods are, they are broken down when they reach the level of the intestine. When substances are broken down this way, excessive levels of gas occur. Unfortunately, many of the foods which contain the substances are also rich in vitamins and minerals. Therefore, these foods should not be eliminated from one’s diet but avoided on days when severe stomachache presents.
  • Many vegetables, fruits and foods with a high fiber content are included in the gassy foods category. However, as detailed, such foods should only be avoided when the stomach pain is severe. On these occasions however, vegetables such as green beans, lettuce, tomato and spinach will not exacerbate symptoms. Similarly, cherries and grapes will not lead to increased stomach contractions.