We all need good ways of avoiding awkward silences during dates sometimes with different people struggling with introductions, running out of things to say and having problems with certain date environments.

We’ve all been there, you’re on that most nerve racking of encounters, the first date, your sat at table, the smell of a scented candle drifting across the room like a lazy kiss, the soft music playing in the background and then your date walks in, they sit down, you exchange pleasantries and then you realize you have nothing to say, you just freeze up, the atmosphere becomes awkward and the date rapidly goes downhill. But what can be done to prevent those awkward silences during dates?



  • If you freeze up at the start of the date remember there are certain questions you can ask; where do you work, what do you do for a living, what do you do in your spare time? Remember to ask follow up questions and be interested in what they say, try to crack a joke or two without over forcing it, and remember they’re probably just as nervous as you.
  • The other important thing to remember is it takes two to tango, to avoid awkward silences you both need to be talking so when your date sits down make them feel comfortable by offering them a drink and maybe taking their coat. Lower their expectations by saying this is not something you do a lot and your nervous, they’re probably feeling the same and this should help them relax.


Running out of things to say

  • Avoiding awkward silences partway through a date requires some additional tactics. Try to spark actual conversation, not just a series of one off comments by asking follow up questions and seeing things through even if the conversation is boring you, it might be interesting to them.
  • Reward your date for contributing to conversations by offering encouragement and support, laugh at their jokes and engage them with your body language by making eye contact and touching your hair. Good topics of conversation can include opinions about current events, popular culture, or even the restaurant, food, waiting staff and other customers. Try to relax and enjoy yourself but don’t get drunk or boorish.


If your still having problems

  • Maybe your just not good in certain environments like restaurants. Try to think of imaginative dates that set you at your ease, maybe doing a hobby you enjoy, or trying something new with your date, then there’s always something to talk about and avoiding awkward silences becomes easier.

Source: www.helpful.com