You can find a lot of potential dates online or by going to the clubs or just walking through a mall. You might get lucky and encounter someone that is a good person. But there are things that YOU can do to attract a good man.

Look in the right places. Church is of course a good option, even though there can be some charlatans there. But chances are you can find someone who has good morals and is looking to build a family.

Try volunteering. Go scoop mashed potatoes at the local mission or places where the homeless are fed and offered other necessities. A good man has a good heart and understands the importance of community service.

Don’t settle. If you meet someone that is hot, but he smokes, just don’t accept that. Make a list of qualities you want from your partner in a relationship and don’t drop your guard because he looks good or talks a pretty game. Real men respect a lady with boundaries and a sense of self.


Be what you want. If you want to attract a good man, be a good woman. Dressing like a hooker or pole dancer is not going to attract a quality guy. If you want someone that is financially stable and mature and responsible, you have to be that, too. It only stands to reason.

Show up. It’s an expression meaning that if you want to be in love, then show up ready, willing and able to do that. And that requires honesty for one thing. If you don’t like him after a few dates, break it off. Don’t waste his time or yours because you’d rather have someone to date than be alone. Don’t do that. For one thing, you are making yourself unavailable to the right one who may be looking for you right now!

Take your time. Keep working on you, and it’s like they always say, he’ll come along just when you least expect it.