2. Practice good hygiene. That new dress or new found self-confidence won’t have much of an effect on the man of your dreams if you haven’t showered in a week. It’s important to stay clean and smell nice. I would wear some deodorant, or the slightest spritz of perfume! But not to much because some people react very poorly to it, and who knows what could happen?

3. Make a good first impression. Now that you feel amazing both physically and emotionally, it’s time to attract that special someone.
Remember that you only get one first impression, so have a positive attitude before you meet the man in question.

4. Establish eye contact. The first thing you can do is establish eye contact to show a man you’re interested.
Hold his gaze for just the right amount of time. You don’t have to stare into his eyes for hours, but looking at him for just a few seconds from across the room will show that you’re interested.

5. Have positive body language at all times. Now that your man has seen the look in your eyes, as well as your pearly whites, it’s time to use your body to show him the attraction is mutual. Carry yourself in a confident manner. Don’t slouch, look at your feet, or cross your arms over your chest. Avoid nervous actions such as playing with your hair or biting your nails. Instead, face the man and keep your arms moving through gestures. This will make you seem like an open and dynamic person.