Ask John: My Brother and I Haven’t Spoken in Years. Help!

My brother and I were best friends growing up. Now it’s been years since we’ve even spoken. Any suggestions on reconnecting when it’s been so long? – CB

Years ago I was speaking in Denver and a business owner shared with me that as a result of my presentation he was committing to reaching out and reconnecting with his daughter. They were involved in an argument, both said some hostile things and no one apologized. It had been six years. 

A few months later while speaking in Denver, a woman approached me and shared that she came to hear me speak because her husband had heard me, had made a commitment to reach out to their daughter, which he did, and they have enjoyed rebuilding their relationship over the past few months.

So my encouragement to you, CB, is to set all former issues aside. Let go of the past, squelch any whispers of anxiety or ego, and do something super courageous: Pick up the phone, call him, let him know you miss him, love him, and want to reconnect with him. In that simple call, you not only possibly rekindle the relationship, but also ignite his life and yours, too.

This is your day, CB. Live Inspired.