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Ever want to know how to apply makeup professionally? There are so many products available that its hard to know what you should use and what you shouldn’t use.

Time is key when you wear makeup. Knowing how much to use and what colors you want to wear is the first step in application. One thing you might not realize is that you really need to change your makeup every now and again. Using the same brand, routine, and style makeup, can make you and your skin look older as you age.

Before you start any makeup application, you should pull your hair back off of your face. Use clips, hair tie’s, or headbands! If you can’t see your face, you won’t be able to apply it. (correctly)

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STEP ONE:- Clean Your Face

If you don’t clean your face properly before you apply makeup, you will be painting a dirty picture. Use a mild facial cleanser and skin toner to create a clean surface. Skin toners are all about the same but you will need to find the one that works best for your skin type. Any artist will tell you that you can’t paint a beautiful pictufxre on a dirty canvas!

You also need to be sure your hands are clean! As you apply makeup, you will be touching your face quite a bit with your fingertips! If hands are grungy, you will transfer oils to your face which may end up becoming zits!

This would also create a good opportunity to pluck and shape eyebrows.

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STEP TWO:- Apply a Moisturizer

Apply a facial moisturizer and/or skin serum right after cleansing to help boost moisture. I use Oil of Olay daily moisturizer first, then apply a facial serum over it.

Use a moisturizer every day of the year! Remember that most people are out in the sun more during the summer months so don’t scrimp. Apply sunscreen over your facial lotion if the brand you choose doesn’t have sunscreen listed as an ingredient.

*TIP: When you apply lotion to your face be especially careful around the delicate eyes. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS use gentle strokes. I suggest using your middle or ring finger for lotion application.

Application should be in a circular motion and should start at the outer eye, under the eye toward the nose. Then move up the inner part of the nose and back around the top of the eye, over the eyebrow and back to the outer eye.

Most women do this the wrong way. Don’t stroke the skin underneath the eye outward. Stroke it inward.

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STEP THREE:- Apply Foundation

Foundations are the base of your makeup. I hope you do use one as they help protect your delicate facial skin from pollutants and sun rays!

Before you apply mineral makeup, pat a light layer of loose translucent powder on first. I’ve been using CoverGirl for years and love it. Plus, it really helps give a base for minerals to adhere to. I’ve heard that the makeup products from Jane Iredale are really good too. As long as you find a product that matches your skin tone, you should be fine!

Use a brush and lightly cover your entire face; down into the hairline, nose, and under the chin, blending it down onto the neck. Be sure not to leave any areas that have obvious lines. BLEND WELL!

Use the same method for applying liquid, mousse, or cream foundations. You’ll just be using your fingertips or makeup sponge instead of a brush. Just DON’T apply loose powder first. Apply it last, over your foundation.

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STEP FOUR:- Apply Blush

Apply a light dusting of bronze or blush onto the cheek areas, high up on the cheek bones in a triangular pattern that follows the cheek bones. The longer part of the triangle will go over your cheek bone downward. The skinnier part of the triangle should be directed toward your nose!

If you don’t have high cheek bones, envision where they would be if you had em, and create them with your blush. To create high cheek bones, simply use your regular blush where cheek bones would naturally be on your face. Use a contrasting darker color underneath your cheek bone application. Use a larger brush to sweep over the blush and blend them together.

Remember, you are the artist and this is your picture!

Brush blush lightly onto the tip of the nose and the base of the chin and the mid part of the forehead. *TIP: Blend any blush you use into your foundation with a large brush. You should not see any lines of demarcation where your makeup ends and your blush begins.

*TIP: You only want to give a ‘hint’ of blush, for a natural look. Do not apply too much. You’ll only look like a clown instead but also like you don’t know how to apply makeup!

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STEP FIVE:- Apply Eye Liner

Use a black eyeliner pencil most of the time if you have dark eyes or brown eyes. Use dark liners if you want your eyes to look more dramatic and draw attention to them.

If you have light colored eyes, like green or blue, use brown or gray eyeliners. Black liners are OK to use too. Just use whatever you like best on you! Ask your friends too for their advice if your not sure what looks best. Most friends will tell you the truth.

*TIP: You can apply pencil liners to the inside rim of the eyes or outside of the eyelashes underneath lower lashes or above upper lashes.

*TIP: Under lower lashes, keep eyeliner lines thinner. If you create too thick a line, use a q-tip to gently remove excesses.

*TIP: Going from a thin line to a thick line above upper lashes makes your eyes appear larger.

Liquid eyeliner is a wonderful way to draw attention to the eyes, especially the top eyelid, along the lashes. Use them only occasionally, like for night life though. For work, school and errands around town, you don’t need that much make up.

*TIP: If you use liquid eyeliner’s and like more distinct lines and dramatic eyes, apply eyeshadow first, then apply the eyeliner on top.

*TIP: If you use pencil liner’s, apply liner’s first, then eyeshadow. Smudge for a muted effect.

NEVER apply liquid eyeliner to the rim of your eyelashes. You’ll only make a globby mess!

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STEP SIX:- Apply Eye Shadow

If you use eyeshadow, then apply it first before you apply mascara. Follow manufacturers directions that’s on the packaging. (Usually found on the back.)

If you buy eye shadow duos or trios, that comes as a blend of colors, there will be instructions as to where to apply which color on the eyelid. They usually give a diagram so it’s easier to understand. As a general rule however, apply the base (neutral) color to the entire lid, the darker shade to the crease of the eyelid and/or to the outside of the eyelid, and the lighter shade on the inside of the eyelid.

If you want a smokey look, then buy a gray blend or a black and white blend. If you want a natural look, then buy a brown or tan blend. You can also use different shades of the same colors to create your own unique eyes.

Eye shadow has come a long way baby! You don’t need nearly as much of it as you used to. A little definitely goes a long way. There are so many different colors to choose from in today’s world.

*TIP: Choose carefully and opt for the colors that compliment your own skin tone.

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STEP SEVEN:- Apply Mascara

I used to apply mascara a lot more when I was younger. I don’t bother much with it anymore unless I have a really HOT DATE though. If you use one everyday it’s fine. Its just not a necessity if you use eye liner and eye shadow too.

For best results, always curl your eye lashes before applying mascara if you can. Eye lash curlers are cheap at Walmart or on the net. The problem that I have with most curlers, is that some of the less expensive brands leave an imprint under your eyes after using them. Tweezerman Deluxe Eyelash Curler takes less pressure to use and works quickly. When you curl lashes, that’s what you want it to do!

*TIP: There is a bit of a learning curve when you curl lashes. The more you use your curler, the better you get!

*TIP: You may also want to brush your lashes before mascara application too. This will help get rid of any loose lashes and will help separate.

After curling and brushing eyelashes, apply mascara first to the base of the lashes and then stroke outwards towards the end of the eyelashes. Be sure to separate the lashes as you go. Apply to both top and bottom lashes, or any one of the two if you like.

*TIP: For a more dramatic look, apply it to the outside of lashes and then to the inside of lashes.

*TIP: In most cases, apply more than one coat, making sure to let lashes dry in between applications.

*TIP: Be careful not to get mascara in your eye. It will hurt if you do. Ouch! If you want to learn how to not make a gloopy mess and not get mascara in your eyes then take a look at Xlash and see all of the cosmetics relating to eyelashes, enhancing your eyelashes to bring out your beautiful facial features and enhance your look.

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STEP EIGHT:- Apply Lipstick

If you like to use lipstick, then apply it last. You can either wear it alone or outline your lip with a lip pencil and fill it in with lipstick.

I usually only apply lip liner at night, but you can get away with it during the day too if you use the same color shades as your lipstick or a neutral tone. Liners make your lips look fuller, more voluptuous, and sensual. Don’t line too far outside the lip line though. It’s just not kosher! So don’t do it!

Follow the natural line around your lips and don’t make the angles too pointy. That’s a look that’s suited more for the movie stars you see on the Big Screen!

After you apply lip liner, fill in with your choice of lipstick. You can either brush it on or use right out of the tube.

*TIP: To keep lipstick in place longer, apply a moisturizer to your lips beforehand. Chapstick moisturizer works well and is fine to use!

*TIP: For a MATTE look, apply a bit of loose powder to the lips after you apply lipstick.

*TIP: For a GLOSSY look, apply a bit of lip gloss after you apply lipstick!

If I were on a deserted island and could only have one makeup item, it would be lipstick. Lipstick will enhance your appearance even if it’s the only makeup you’re wearing. Not so true of mascara, eye shadow, eyeliner, or foundation!

*TIP: Using darker colored lipsticks will make your teeth look whiter however, the older you get, the less you should use really dark shades.

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FINAL STEP: Finishing Touches

You might want to apply another light layer of loose powder over your makeup to help ‘set your makeup’. If you need more of anything at this point, add it.

It really helps to step away for a few minutes and then look again. You might see something you really like from the reflection in the mirror! You have just painted a beautiful picture!

*TIP: If you have imperfections that you are trying to hide, you can buy concealers or just use your foundation. Concealers generally come in a long tube and are cream based.

*TIP: Apply concealers BEFORE you apply your foundation for the best results. You can use concealers or use mineral, liquid, or cream foundations as concealers too. Build on them to create more coverage.

Start out by applying a small amount to the area you want to conceal. Keep adding and blending your foundation until the desired concealment is achieved. Apply foundation to the entire face AFTER you hide imperfections for the best results.