These simple makeup tips for round face to get a slim effect & lengthen your face through its contours.

 Great makeup tips for a round face on how to enhance your features and highlight your beauty. There are lots of tricks and makeup is an excellent method to optically elongate your face. Faces could be round, square, oval or heart shaped, but all these forms has its own makeup technique to get the amazing finish and to accentuate those features.

Round face is usually wide but short. If you’d like to add some length for your face, use bronzing powder or contouring cream to produce an illusion of thinner longer face. Bronzing powder (or contouring cream) ought to be applied on the sides of your forehead and also the sides of your face and close towards the center of your face. If you put it on only to the sides you will make your face look even wider.

Makeup Tips For Round Face

The aim for a round face is to make it appear a little slimmer and never quite so round. With that said, the top makeup tip for round face such as the following is contouring. Trust me about this ladies, contouring makes all the difference in the world when you have a round face and may make your face appear longer rather than round.

It all depends on your skin tone obviously, but bronzer can be a best friend for you personally if you have a round face! Contouring with bronzer is a fantastic way to draw attention to how long your face is rather than how round it is! This is one makeup tip for a round face which i use all of the time.

Since cheeks are fairly round, the very best location to apply blush is directly beneath the cheekbone, and up into your temple. Using the blush under the cheekbone slims the profile and accentuates the cheekbone to appear more angular. The best blush color to make use of is a peach-pink shade so it appears natural.

Berry Tones
If you are searching for a way to make your lips pop if you have a round face, berry tones are a fantastic way to do it! This makeup tip for a round face did so many times for me! Just a little berry lipsticks and got people constantly complimenting me how nice look.

Groomed eyebrows are essential no matter the shape, but a sleek brow with a slight arch balances the roundness of the cheeks and jawbone. A perfect arch for those with a round face is a that is slightly higher directly within the outer part of the eye pupil. Complete eyebrows with a pencil or powder to complete off the look and balance roundness. If you want to use bronzer, simply use a large voluminous brush to use the powder to the hallows from the cheek.

Lip-gloss and lipstick always complete any look. Those with a lighter complexion look wonderful with a peach or pink lip color, while individuals with a darker complexion may wear a unclad or plum shade to flatter all of those other face and makeup.