At What Age Do We Start Caring About Our Health?

When it comes to caring about your health, 36 may be the magic number—and the reasons why might surprise you.

A new study, which examined 2,000 people and asked them about their attitudes toward health, has found that 56 percent of people indulged in unhealthy lifestyles or disregarded warnings about their health, regardless of the long-term impacts. That’s not entirely surprising. You probably know at least one teen or 20-something who treats their body like a garbage disposal.

However, the study also found that most people can “expect a wake-up call” by age 36, with more than a third of respondents reporting they experienced a “shocking” moment, such as a death in the family, having a health scare themselves, or a friend making negative comments, that made them think about their health more. Once they started considering their health, they started making lifestyle changes.

Still, old habits die hard, and the researchers warned that even those who turned over a new, healthy leaf could fall back into an unhealthy lifestyle, stressing that once you start taking responsiblity for your health, it’s “important that you can access healthcare services swiftly and easily.”

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