Six feet tall, dark brown eyes, smart dressing sense, a non smoker but a beer drinker with an Audi are some of the parameters of a woman’s perfect man. Have you ever thought about your ex-boyfriend and wondered “how did I date such an incompatible guy”?

It’s not that the guy was incompatible…your tastes have changed over the years. Ladies, your age manipulate the idea of a perfect man. Here is a line of things which women desire in their men! Read on to know your age parameter!

Age 18-24

The main concern at this age is approval from her friends. Until a gal gets a green signal from her friends, she won’t dare to date a guy.  47% of them said that they would officially date men who share same interests in music, books and films. All they want is someone who will be a show stopper for their friends.  When a woman is in her teens, she wants a man who fits in every sphere of her social life. Another thing, she will definitely choose someone with six pack abs (despite of his low grades in college).


At this age, women are more focused on their careers, but sexual compatibility and physical attraction are most important parameters for a woman. Also, financial security is important. At this age, women start thinking of having babies and they definitely not want someone who is walking out on them. She is smart enough to choose flawless genes for her baby! Isn’t it?

Age 35-44

It’s true “men get naughty when he turns forty”.  Women tend to get attracted to men who are in their late thirties and early forties. It’s definite that they want somebody who is stable, successful and well established. There is no more need of dating attractive men. The social fit and fun goes out of question at this age. Also, 73% of the women claimed that they would like to date someone who is five years older to them. A man with bad manners is a big no to the parameter list.

Age 45-54

The key factor at this age is security. 95% of the women confessed that they would date a man with whom they feel secure. Woman’s equation for security-(Security=Audi+ bungalow+ high income).  Surprisingly, 54% of the woman said they would love to date a younger man. Women after 40 are less picky when it comes to physical compatibility, but money surely counts at this age!

Age 55+

Personality and intelligence come ahead in later life. Women hunt for men who have a good sense of humour. Sexuality is far behind at this age. Women are less choosy at this age. 55+ women want humorous men and who are matured enough to take their own decisions.

According to a survey, these were some of the common parameters given by women for her “Perfect Man”.

  • Six feet tall
  • Muscled, toned and athletic
  • Brown eyes
  • Short dark hair
  • Smart dress sense
  • A beer / lager drinker
  • Non smoker
  • Wears smart jeans, a V-neck jumper and shirt
  • Gets ready in 15 minutes
  • Stylish
  • Desire a family
  • Earns 12 Lakhs a year
  • Loves shopping
  • Eats meat
  • Clean shaved
  • Smooth chest
  • Watches soaps
  • Enjoys watching football
  • Drives an Audi
  • Educated to degree level
  • Earns more than you
  • Jokes around and has a laugh
  • Sensitive when you are upset
  • Tells you he loves you only when he means it
  • Admits it when he looks at other women
  • Holds a driving licence
  • Can swim
  • Can ride a bike
  • Can change a tyre
  • Rings mum regularly

Well, an ideal relationship with man would be… When you fall for his looks in 20’s and is still falling for his jokes in 50’s.

What is your answer? Do tell!!