It is a commonly spread belief that once you set a new goal for yourself whether it is writing a screenplay, getting your ideal job, or even bringing your body weight down a size or so you should broadcast it to everyone you know. After all, you are more likely you will do it as you have told too many people and you do not want to be thought of as a fairytale teller, right? Wrong. New research claims that the opposite is true. A New York University conducted study found that talking about your goal can give you a not real sense of accomplishment, making you less likely to actually go for it. Imagine you tell your friend that you want to train for becoming a long-distance runner. Your friend has nearly reaction “wow, that is great!”, and you get a push for satisfaction and pride. You in fact feel so proud that you lose motivation to get up and jog early in the morning. Why should you bother doing it, when you are already reaping the benefits of being known as a long- distance runner? The smarter strategy is not to tell a soul. Of course, that is easier said than done but if you keep reading you will get more reasons for staying mum, plus ways for achieving your goals on the down-low.

Okay, so you can at least tell your best friend, right? Not. By telling no one, you are making sure your aim is something you are really doing for yourself. That is opposed to, say; you want to have something impressive and talk about it at parties. What is more, you won’t run the risk of letting someone else’s opinions get in your way. What do stop a lot of people from doing the things they dream of are other people. If you once announce that you are going to be devoting a lot of time to a serious goal, a good friend or yours even others may get worry that she or he will see you less and subconsciously overthrow you from the finish line. Keeping your goals as a secret will help your so much. You will be so happy finally to have ability of sharing it with everyone that you will put yourself in the needle eye and get it done as fast as you can. And doing something only for you feels as selfish in a really good way. Women are likely to overextend themselves for ones they love. So when they have something that is only theirs, they will feel really special.

You will ask how to self-Motivate when no one knows? Keep doing task without support from your family and friends might sound not possible. Even there are some tried out easy and true ways to handle it. There is a thing called the ‘’fantasy realization theory’’ that has proven to help people achieve whatever they want. The trick is that you should fantasize about your dream on a regular basis. Think about all the awesome results of achieving it. Then think about all the bad things you will have to deal with along your way. People often think about only either the really good thing or the terrible one. But by thinking about both of them, you make your fantasies more realistic, and it will seem more available. Not only that, but it also helps you plan exactly which way you need to take to get there.

Be surrounded by people who have some connection to your dream is also sure to push you forward your goal. They should not know what you are trying to get to, but being around them will keep your eyes on your dream.

If you have to talk to someone make sure to choose the right person to share your goal with. Choose someone you completely trust- a person who has been successful at achieving her own goals and has never been competitive with you.

Can’t think of anyone who fits that role? Zip your lips, and try writing an anonymous blog. Be sure to turn off the comments option. This way will give you a possibility to tell the whole world what you so want and you won’t get any of the negative effects of outing your secret.