Staying in a place for quite while gives you a variety of emotions, it makes you feel stuck, it makes you comfortable, it makes you lazy, it makes you tired all the time and it makes you think the world is exactly like where you live and everything revolve around you.
you fail to see the fact that life does not revolve around you because we are all different people, placed in a world full of different opinions and lifestyle.
A man that has all that money can buy will think that life is not that difficult because most of the people he talks to or see live a life of riches or a middle class life but in actuality life contains the poorest, the poor,the middle class, rich and the richest. Even the richest can still cry in that mansion so life has a way of getting to us as humans.
The best thing we can do for ourselves is to constantly pick ourselves up and try to make the world a better place because at the end of the day, that’s all that matters.
The author: Dale Carnegie in his book how to win friends and influence people asked a question: If YOU DIE TODAY, WHO WILL COME TO YOUR FUNERAL?  and in my own words: IS IT THE PEOPLE YOU TRULY LOVED AND HELPED OR THE PEOPLE WHO JUST SHOWED UP JUST TO SAVE FACE OR PLANNED TO GET ALL YOU HAVE EVER WORKED FOR?
So make sure your life doesn’t end in your comfort zone, rich or poor. Try your very best to start anew every single day and life will be more fun and less boring for you.
Don’t let life get you down or make you think you can’t start afresh because you can and you will if you make up your mind and make a new start.
Here is a video by VALUETAINMENT, i hope it help you get up and stay up.