A young man with a physical disability wonders if the girl he’s in love with could ever reciprocate his feelings.

Hi! My name is Vincent, 23.

I’m an invalid, a cripple. I’ve got a “club foot” because of poliomyelitis I had suffered from when I was very small. Also, I’m “my own person,” as I never got to know my parents and was raised by some distant relatives who had treated me poorly. I never enrolled at the university because I would had never afforded it.

My good friend’s father now employs me as an auto-mechanic, and I’m really good at it. I make enough money to save some as I dream of furthering my education. So I’m not complaining about my current conditions.

The thing is, I’m desperately in love with a girl, my friend’s sister, daughter of the man who gave me my job. We’ve known each other for a quite long time. She’s so sweet, smart and caring. She’s a great girl, and I think she likes me. I dream about her all the time.

But I guess I’ll never ask her if she would like to be more than friends with me. No one is eager to live with a cripple. Besides, I don’t know how her father and brother would take the news even if there’s something between me and the girl.

What should I do? Should I tell her about my feelings no matter what? Should I leave her alone and allow her to have a normal, healthy partner?