1. Don’t ignore her phone calls or texts

Unless she actually tells you that you don’t have to return a phone call or text, you should always respond! In fact, try to be the one that calls and texts her first if you’ve had a habit of missing her calls in the past.


2. Don’t neglect her feelings

Every girl likes to know that her boyfriend has been thinking about her. Little things like flowers or a text that tells her she was on your mind.


3. Don’t give her love based on situation

Okay, so you dated all through high school but now you’re headed to college in two different states. Long distance relationships are hard but not impossible. Don’t make her feel like you only cared about her because it was convenient.

4. Don’t commit if you don’t mean it

Some guys have a habit of just telling a girl what she wants to hear. If she dreams of getting married someday, don’t just agree with her and then never follow through. You’ll just waste both of your time.



5. Don’t just pretend to care

Okay, so she watches one too many reality tv shows and she loves to visit museums and talk about her job. You don’t actually have to like these things but it will mean a lot to her that you actually try to care instead of just pretending to.


6. Don’t try to buy her off

Flowers are nice but if you’re constantly trying to buy her expensive gifts and spend money on her, she may start to feel a little uncomfortable. Occasional gifts are nice but no one likes to feel like their boyfriend thinks they’re for sale.



7. Don’t compare her to others girls

This probably seems harmless enough but by comparing your girl to other girls, even in a positive light, might give her the wrong impression. It could make her think that you’re paying attention to other women or that you are just really critical of appearance so she will always have to be perfect.



8. Always tell her how you really feel

If you realize that you love her more every day, don’t keep feelings like that inside. Yes, to you they may sound sappy, but to her, it’s probably just what she wants to hear.


9. Don’t be a liar

You don’t have to make elaborate promises just to keep her interested. Only express to her what you actually feel for her, that way she’ll always be able to trust you.