Family is our support system in life. Our parents, siblings and life partner are the people who will give us undying support in all our problems. Their love for us is not based on any profit or material gain.

Even then, we all have problems in our relationships with our family members. We might never get along with our parents or have a never ending feud with our siblings. There are many family members leading a strained relationship with one another.

These strained relationships are sometimes based on childhood experiences. Sometimes, it begins with a simple misunderstanding. Other times, it may be due to sudden changes in the family like the death of a loved one, divorce or remarriage of your parents. Whatever be the reason, a strained relationship will cause an unwanted strain in our mind. It will also cause a loss in the trust and support of our loved one.

We should actively seek to restore strained family relationships. There are many things that we can do towards this end. Strained family relations are never fun. Here we discuss relationship advice for restoring strained relations with your family members:

 Communication gap:

Strained family relations often result from a communication gap. Relationship advice emphasises the importance of working on reducing the communication gap.

A new beginning:

Relationship advice for strained relations suggests a whole new beginning. Take the initiative and let go of your ego and invite your family member to renew your relationship.

The past is past:

The first relationship advice to heal the rift between family members is to let go of the past. Digging up past feuds never benefit anyone. Be ready to let go and focus only on the future.

Learn to forgive:

Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself. It is a great relief to forgive a person with whom you have a strained relationship. Once that is done, you are one step closer to healing strained family relations.

No need for a crowd:

While restoring strained family relations, remember to avoid large family gatherings to initiate contact. Instead have a one-to-one talk with the person either over the phone or the social media.

Work on the relation:

If you wish to restore strained family relations, you need to be prepared to work on it. Dedicate yourself to this cause and build and maintain what little has been restored and over time, it will be completely healed.

Be prepared for refusal:

Just because you want to restore strained family relations doesn’t mean that the other person is also willing to do so. Be prepared for his refusal and gather the support of mutual friends who can help change his mind.

Be willing to change:

Before beginning to restore strained family relations, you must be willing to change yourself. Simply insisting that the other person change will not work. Practise what you profess.

Reconcile and resolve:

When there are strained family relations, the first thing you need to focus on is to reconcile the relationship. This will reduce the size of the problem. Then, the two of you can work on resolving the issue with love and respect towards each other. Try these tips today and enjoy the happiness of togetherness.