You hear about the Do’s when it comes to building a good relationship, but how about the Don’ts? If you want a healthy long lasting relationship, there just might be some things you should consider not doing…

• Don’t rush. Unless you are already 40 and still single, there’s no need to put a time date on your relationship. You and your partner will know when it’s the right time to make a commitment or jump the broom.

Happy time

• Don’t look to your relationship to solve your problems. Doing that can actually create more!

• Don’t expect your relationship to be easy. Sure, it can be fun and bring joy and security, but there are also going to be bumps along the way and problems to work out.

• Don’t keep secrets. They turn into bigger secrets and sometimes lies, and that’s never healthy for a relationship. It’s like when people say on their dating profiles that they are slim and trim when they are actually 50 pounds overweight. You will be found out eventually, so what’s the point?

• Don’t fake your emotions. You can only get away with it for so long, and then when the truth comes out, someone gets hurt and that is not cool.

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• Don’t spend too much time thinking about the past. Discuss it and then let it go and move on.

• Don’t expect your partner to always be strong. He will have down days just like you. Sometimes you will have to be the strong one.

• Don’t take the relationship for granted. It needs attention and it needs a little excitement now and then. Don’t be afraid to remind him how special he is to you.

• Don’t say “yes” when you need to say “no.” There are times when you have to set boundaries. Otherwise, you are apt to be taken advantage of.