Finally! I’m going to get my way with him. I’m going to climb up there and rock his world! These are all things a girl associates with “being on top,” but ever think about what he’s thinking while you’re on top? Check out these thoughts that are bound to be running through his brain.



Once your clothes hit the floor, instantly your guy is thinking, “Is she gonna get on top?” Missionary or cowgirl…guys *love* when you’re on top. Leg workout anyone?

2. “I hope she takes off her shirt.”

Because it’s no fun when a guy can’t play. Wink, wink!

3. “Please, handle with care!”

You know how us girls are! When we’re in control, anything can happen. And the same goes for when we’re controlling a man’s joystick.

4. “Is she purposely going so slow?”

Just because we’re on top, that doesn’t mean we know how you want it. Help a girl out would ya!?

5. “I can’t wait to go grab a beer!”

What a d*ck! But hey, guys will be guys and it’s no different when you’re riding his hammer.

6. “What should I do with my hands?”

It’s like … how long can a guy touch your bouncing boobs or booty before he gets bored of it, right?!

7. “Why is she going around in circles on my dong?”


8. “Oh baby…”

“I love when you’re on top. You look so good from every angle.”

9. “So wait. Did you orgasm?”

“No. I was just screaming and moaning because I can’t take dead silence during s*ex. What do you think!?”