Whether it’s Family Matters’ Steve Urkel or the incomparable Joffrey on Game of Thrones, some characters are just made to be hated. But those are characters created specifically to get on your nerves. What’s worse are those characters that annoy us by their mere presence. Of course, tastes are highly subjective, and what one person finds unbearably obnoxious might be deemed by another as a “quirky, lovable character!” So, with apologies in advance, we present the most annoying television characters to ever grace the small screen.

1. Dana Brody, Homeland

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With her constantly mopey facial expressions and one-dimensional personality, it’s hard not to hate the constantly angry crybaby that is Dana. Daddy issues aside, she’s television’s more annoying (and we thought that wasn’t possible) version of Twilight’s Bella.

2. Horatio Caine, CSI: Miami

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Even if the show were CSI: Greenland, we’re fairly certain Horatio Crane, played by David Caruso, would still be wearing his sunglasses 24 hours a day. Otherwise, how could he put them on or take them off at strategic moments to add that sense of heavy drama? Hands on hips, head tilted to the side, spewing cop clichés left and right, Caine makes us roll our eyes every single time he’s on screen.

3. Foreman, House

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Clever and witty, House was one of the best shows to hit television in a long time. The one downfall to the great cast, however, had to be Foreman. We get it. There was some inner turmoil going on with good Ol’ Foreman. But all that suppressed anger just translated to an annoying character.

4. Dr. Peter Benton, ER


Speaking of doctors that could use a good tickling, ER’s Dr. Benton spent every on-screen moment lost in a brooding haze. You could never tell when Benton was angry, or happy or even sad, because he seemed permanently dialed in to the same befuddled, monotone expression.

5. Screech, Saved by the Bell, Saved by the Bell the New Class

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A squeaky, obnoxious, “nerdy best buddy” that made even Steve Urkel seem positively tolerable, Screech was the bane of 90s television. It doesn’t exactly help that the actor who played Screech, Dustin Diamond, went on to become a real-life adult jerk of epic proportions. Between his SBTB-negative auto-biography and a laughable sex tape, we’ve seen and heard more from Screech than anyone will ever be comfortable with.

6. A.J. Soprano, The Sopranos

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It was a bit of a toss-up as to which of Tony and Carmela’s obnoxious offspring would make this list. But while we found Meadow spoiled and self-absorbed, it was disrespectful, ungrateful, ornery A.J. we kept hoping would get whacked.

7. Sookie Stackhouse, True Blood

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When HBO’s sexy vampire guilty pleasure True Blood hit the air, we were all enthralled by the antics of Sookie Stackhouse and her pals in small town Louisiana. But as the show progressed, Sookie seemed to develop increasingly annoying habits. Maybe if someone you love dies every time you get near a supernatural creature, it’s time to stop sleeping with them, Sookie.

8. Kimmy Gibbler, Full House

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DJ’s BFF and oddball next door neighbor Kimmy Gibbler was an annoying plague on the otherwise happy-go-lucky family show. Is it any wonder Uncle Jessie and Danny were constantly telling Kimmy to go home? Between her neon, clashing outfits and her stinky feet, this is one girl next we could have done without.

9. Lori Grimes, The Walking Dead

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You’d be hard pressed to find a Walking Dead fan that isn’t annoyed by the mere sight of Lori. Not only does she have a tendency to flip-flop her loyalties, but she actually stopped to have sex in the forest during the zombie apocalypse. Getting on people’s nerves while pregnant isn’t an easy feat, but Lori manages to do just that.

Every one of us has our own favorite and annoying TV characters, but these are some of the most annoying ones according to numerous online polls. Do you agree with this list, or do you have your own list of your favorite and less favorite characters? Share it with us, please.