1. Communication
She calls you often, wants to know what you’re
doing, and shares her day’s activities. When you ask
about her plans for the evening, or the weekend, or
even the whole summer, she doesn’t hedge or put
you off. She is open and forthcoming.

2. Exclusivity
When she only wants to see you, and does not give
you the “space” talk, as in, “I need my space,” and is
not craning her neck to watch other men walk by,
you have her attention. She makes it known to you
and to everyone else that she does not want to date other people.

3. No Conflicting Messages
She makes you her one and only love interest and
does not send you conflicting messages. She does
not say things like, “I’m in love with you, you are my
soul mate, I can’t live without you…AND…I saw my
ex yesterday and I think I still have feelings for him.” This kind of message will drive you crazy. You will
feel like the rubber ball attached to the paddle by a
slim rubber string, batted back and forth. The real
message that is being sent is: come here… and go
away. You can’t win. But if she loves you, her words
and thoughts are straight forward and you do not feel batted around.

4. Family and Friends
She makes plans to introduce you to her family and
friends. When you meet them, you realize they
already know a lot about you because she has
obviously talked about you. Most of them (except the
few jealous ones) are warm and friendly and genuinely excited for her that she has found

5. The Future
When she talks about her plans for the future, she
automatically includes you in them. She has places
she wants to take you and sights she wants to show
you. She follows through on her suggestions. She
might also mention marriage and children, if only in an abstract way, to evaluate your reaction.

6. Affirming
She speaks often of how proud she is of you. She
does this privately and publicly. She thinks the work
you do is the most important thing in the world and
loves for you to tell her about what you
accomplished during the day. She is happy to help you with your work in any way she can.

7. Gifts
She has noticed what you like, admire, and read, and
brings you gifts that reflect what she has observed.
The quality of her gift shows the level of her
perception about what you like. If she is rich, she
may buy you expensive presents. If she is not, she may send cards, books, or poems. If she is not rich
and she sends a Porsche or a pricey suit, she’s got
some problems. Have the grownup conversation
with her about how you don’t like gifts she can’t
afford. That would be a very loving thing to do.

8. Touchy
Your girl may be the touchy type, which is not the
hyper-thin-skinned poor sport, but the warm,
snuggly sort. She may show her love and affection by
holding your hand when you’re together, giving big
long hugs, frequent kisses, and putting her arm through yours. Her favorite date may be a movie at
home so she can cuddle up with you.

9. Helpful
Another overt sign of love is how helpful she is.
When she does the garbage detail, helps in the yard,
helps you prepare a speech, or cooks your favorite
meal, she wants to be in your life! To move these feelings along, and to better
understand where she is, ask her what she wants
her future to look like. If she has you in it, and a time-
line for certain events that bind you together, the ball
is in your court. What do you want? Remember: in order for love to sustain itself, it needs
to flow back and forth. If you do all of the above also,
your relationship should be on track.