Brain Freeze Be Gone

Ice cream and other cold treats are great, but eating them too fast can cause brain freeze, a very uncomfortable sensation in your head. Take your tongue at thrust it at the roof of the mouth as hard as possible. This warms the nerves that are responsible for the brain freeze sensation and alleviates the headache.

Get Rid of Jitters

Many things, such as public speaking and your first date, can make you nervous and speed up your heart rate. Normalizing your heart rate makes you feel more at ease and helps your confidence. Target the nerve that controls heart rate by simply blowing on your thumb like a trumpet (without letting air out).

Fight the Fire in Your Belly

Heartburn is something most people deal with and there are medications that work, but you can also adjust your sleeping habits to get relief. Those with acid reflux disease should start sleeping on their left side. Sleeping on the left puts the stomach below the esophagus, which reduces stomach acid backup.

Say Goodbye to a Stuffy Nose

Draining your sinuses is necessary to alleviate a stuffy nose, but most people turn to medications that only provide temporary relief. You can drain your sinuses at home by pushing your tongue toward the roof of your mouth and moving it from side to side, then use your pointer finger to press between the eyebrows. This drains the sinuses in about 20 seconds by moving the vomer bone.

Get the Most Out of Your Ears

A person who mumbles or a very soft tune are not easy to hear, but if you use the right ear, sounds are clear. If you are chatting it up with someone who is mumbling, lean in toward them using your right ear because this ear is better at following rapid speech rhythms. Your left ear, however, picks up music tones better, making it best for soft music.

Scratch Your Ear for an Itchy Throat

A tickle in your throat is uncomfortable and it makes you feel as though you need to cough to make it go away. However, there is a more pleasant and less forceful remedy you can use and all you need to do is just tickle your ear. Scratching the ear stimulates nerves and this induces a muscle spasm that alleviates the tickle.

Cough Before Getting a Shot

Getting a shot is no fun, but it does not have to be miserable. As the injection occurs, cough a little to inhibit the structures in the spinal cord that inhibit pain. Now, it is important to not cough too hard because you want the doctor or the nurse to be able to accurately insert the needle

If You Have to Pee, Think About Sex

There are times when you have to pee, but you either do not have time or there is no restroom nearby. Preoccupy your mind by thinking about sex because this alleviates the discomfort associated with needing to empty your bladder, but not being able to.

Ice for Toothaches

If you have a toothache and you can’t get to the dentist right away, try rubbing a piece of ice on the back of your hand and between your thumb and pointer finger. This area has nerve pathways that will block pain from that area.

Baby Oil Aftershave

If your skin is irritated or dry after shaving, lather on some baby oil. This will hydrate your newly shaved skin while creating a barrier to outside bacteria.

Power Poses

Before going into a nerve-inducing scenario, like a test or an interview, try doing “high power” poses for 5 minutes. These poses will boost your testosterone levels (confidence) by 20%, while reducing your cortisol levels (stress) by 25%!

Fight Burns

If you just got a burn in your skin, cover it in yellow mustard and let it dry. Once it’s dry, wash it off. This will prevent your skin from blistering and even getting scars.