Some men claim they know women. Is that really true? The fact is that the majority of them only want to believe that they know ladies. They have created a lot of myths, misbeliefs and stereotypes.

We all have heard a couple of jokes about blondes. Sometimes women are believed to be bad drivers. There were far more serious cases of discrimination and rude behavior toward women throughout history. Now it’s time to look at women in a new way.

1. Women lack intelligence
This myth is close to being total nonsense. Most IQ tests taken by women prove that on average women’s IQ tests results are just as good or bad as those of men. Besides, IQ of male students is both the lowest and the highest while female students score approximately equal amount of scores. As a result, women’s average intelligence index is higher than that of males. Finally, there are a lot of talented, educated and famous women we all have heard of.

2. Women are scared of pain
Physical pain is definitely not what women are scared of. Ladies can endure more than men, because female body contains larger amounts of analgesic agents. This is exactly what helps women survive labor pain. Quite a few men cannot stand blood and even faint when they see the sight. Women’s reaction to the sight of blood is less dramatic.

3. Women do not work as good as men
The survey has shown that even nowadays women still earn 30% less money if compared to their male coworkers. Men are considered to be stronger, more resistant, and less emotional which makes them better workers. They receive higher salaries for the same amount of work. The fact is that there are plenty of jobs where women cannot be replaced. At present we have women who are in charge of a big corporation or even a country. Plus women are usually responsible for children upbringing and family in general which proves that they are not weak at all.

4. Women are weaker
If we are talking about the physical aspect, then this statement is in most cases true. However, there sportswomen and female athletes who are stronger than an average male. However, this is an exception. Physically an average woman is weaker. But the good news is that women have stronger will power and are mentally healthier. Women are more resistant to diseases, temperature contrast, hunger and thirst, and even radiation. Women’s lifespan is usually longer than that of male’s.

5. Women established monogamy
Women are considered to be monogamous. They prefer to be attached to one partner because besides physical contact hey establish close emotional connection with the person they are with. Nevertheless, evolution proves that polygamy is much more beneficial and more convenient to women rather than men! Competitions allows women to pick the most powerful, intelligent, successful and healthy partner who would guarantee security and good future.

6. Women suffer domestic violence
Another stereotype we tend to believe is that women are victims of domestic violence. Actually, the percentage of males attacked by their wives or girlfriends is higher than you might think. Men are considered to be abusers while victims are all women. Current statistics shows that the percentage of male victims of domestic violence exceeds 40. The reason why we do not know about these cases is that the problem is ignored by the police and media.

7. Women don’t care about men’s appearance
Physical attraction is equally important to both men and women. The only difference is that representatives of these two genders rate and describe physically attractive partner differently. Girls have a perfect image of their future husband in their mind. Usually they realize that their spouse whom they sincerely love might not correspond to the image they created many years ago. As a rule, women appreciate well-groomed, neat and well-mannered partners.

8. Women are more sensual and romantic
Do not believe movies. They sometimes exaggerate things and represent them not quite the right way. Only in fairy tales girls are looking for Prince Charming and are waiting for him for ages. Reality is different and most ladies are pragmatic and follow their logics. Romantic stuff is great. However, there are far more important things than that when it comes to relationships. Women marry successful men who have a good job and who can provide them and their future family. Here is exactly where men are even more romanticthey women. They tend to forget birthdays, anniversaries and other important dates, however, they are less practical when they are in search of a life partner and they truly believe that love at first sight does exist!

No doubt all the above mentioned points do not apply to each and every women you know. It’s just a rough description of the most common misbeliefs and stereotypes. We all are too different and unique and among us there are exceptions as well.