It is sad that all relationships do not always work out. Sometimes, you just cannot get along with your partner anymore. Sometimes, you try to pursue a long distance relationship and later find that you have grown apart. When you feel that you need to break free and continue your life in another direction, you break up with your partner.

No matter whether you are a lover, a live-in partner or a wife/husband, break ups are always hard on both parties. There will now be many things you will have to make do without your partner. You suddenly will realise all the good qualities in him/her that made you fall in love in the first place. You feel the need for a chance to do over things.

A second chance sounds good, but may not always be the best thing to do. Sometimes, you need to let it go and take charge of your life. There are certain things you should never do after break up. Here are some things you should avoid in order to get over a break up:

Do not stalk If you wish to get over break up, then do not stalk your ex. Let them get on with their life and you go live yours. Stalking will only help in making a bad impression and will get you branded as a psycho.

Get rid of gifts Do not hold on to even the least important gifts that your ex gave you when you were in a relationship. These are memories of a time you are trying to forget and you should get rid of these to get over break up.

The beer bottle does not have the answer Hitting the booze hard once you have broken up with a long-time partner will not offer you any solutions. In order to get over breakup, be more practical and refrain from drinking.

Friends of your ex Immediately after break up, do not get involved with a friend of your ex. Even if you have true feeling for him/her, wait for some time. Otherwise, your previous relationship will affect your new one also.

Go out with friends After break up, do not isolate yourself. You may not be in the mood to go to a party. But, make sure that you are with friends or family. Isolation will not give your mind the healing it needs after break up.

Avoid bad-mouthing It is a common tendency for people to badmouth their exes after break up. This is not a good habit and others will demean you for it. It will not get you any respect.

Ex-lovers turned friends If you have children involved, it is advisable to remain cordial. But, never try for a friendship after break up since it will never help you get over your ex and will always affect any new relationships you might get into.

Break up blues After break up, it is normal to feel a little down and wanting people’s sympathy. But, if you are going to have a never ending ordeal of break up blues, it is sure that people will start avoiding you. Try these tips and continue your journey towards a new life.