1: All Girls are Materialistic: I don’t think any normal human being hates money, or loves to trek under the sun…
The only problem is that some ladies place allotta emphasis on it, but that doesn’t change the fact that there are a few good ones. Please stop generalising.

2: Maga Syndrome: When a lady ask you for money/airtime/gift, it doesn’t always mean she wants to turn you into a maga. It might be that @ that moment, you ‘the only one she considers a “help-mate”…lolz

3: S*x on First Date Makes a Girl Cheap: Some ladies are s*xually adventurous/active like that, sometimes it happens in the heat of the moment. That she gave IT to you on the first date, doesn’t make her less a woman.

4: Virgins Don’t Exist: We know our society is now kinda morally bankrupt or we now have lots of s*xually adventurous youths. There are still some that are chaste. Till you confirm she is otherwise…give her the “benefit of doubt”.

5: Ladies are Marriage Freaks: Trust me, if our society was one that allowed our women to live the way their spirit leads, without putting so much pressure on them. You would be surprised @ the number of ladies that are uninterested in marriage or the ones that wanna get married @ a later age.

6: A Servile Girlfriend Has Something Up Her Sleeves : That your girlfriend is so respectful, loves to wash/cook and clean doesn’t mean she is trying to beguile you into marrying her. Just maybe, that’s exactly how she was brought up.

7: Money For Hand-Back For Ground: You gave her money, so?
Give because you want to give, not because it grants you a Visa into her “factory”. Guys be feeling that because they gave a young lady money means, they can play royal rumble with her in bed anytime/everytime. It shouldn’t be so.

8: Girls That Approach Guys are Desperate: I guess it’s y’all mindsets that has stymied the number of ladies that approach men. A lady that takes the first step is looked upon suspiciously or even ends up taken for granted.

Dearest Nigerian guys, help us to love you better.