If you seem to be having trouble getting second dates, it might be time to take a look at yourself and how you are interacting.Here’s a look at the kind of chicks that guys don’t like.

• Needy baby greedy baby. She is so eager to please because she desperately wants a man. Now, a lot of men will recognize her and smash but never call after that.

• Hair-Do. She apparently has a weave and doesn’t realize it has an odor. Maybe it’s old or was done on the cheap. Going natural is also very attractive alternative.

• Hair-Do 2. Do shave under your arms as it will get funky fast and it’s simply unattractive. And as to point south, keep it trim.

• AAA. Angry Attitude Ashley. Every man is not your enemy. Every man is not a dog. Check the angry attitude at the door. It’s not attractive at all.

• You Can Have A Tummy And Still Look Yummy. Not all women have a Beyoncé shape or hot body. Dress according to your size! Never wear clothes that are two sizes too small. If you are a lady of substance, you can still dress tastefully.

• Corny. We’re talking feet here. If you are going to wear sandals or open toe shoes, please take care of your feet. Nothing more “eww” than seeing a lady sit down, cross her legs and show some dusty feet with big ol’ corns sticking out.

• Sharon Sailor. That’s the one that cusses like a sailor. It’s how she puts emphasis on everything, and it’s unattractive and it turns us fellas off

• The Ratchet Mouth. She’s loud. It’s one thing to have a big beautiful laugh, but it’s another to talk at such a high volume all the time that anyone in the restaurant can hear you.

Sorry if any of these descriptions fit you, but then again, you probably wouldn’t want a man with many of these habits either!