The process of getting a hickey is pretty great… but dealing with a hickey once you have it? Not so great. It’s like, you know when it’s happening, but for some reason you just can’t stop it in time. And while you probably just had a pretty awesome time, you’re left with an angry red mark on your neck (or somewhere else maybe) for everyone to see. You can call it a burn from your hair straightener all you want, but everyone knows what was really going on. If you have parents, a boss, siblings or basically if you’re going out in public, this is embarrassing.

The first time I sported a particularly affectionate love bite, I was 15-years-old. I thought I could cover it up with some concealer… I could not. I went on a family vacation with my aunts, uncles, younger cousins and grandparents the day after I got it. They all immediately started taunting me (except my grandparents and parents, who were horrified), and I wanted to slowly die.

Lesson learned: Concealer doesn’t really work. If you’re in the same boat, here are 8 tips on how to a hickey. You may not be able to make it disappear completely, but you can try, right?

Try A Makeup Routine


As I found out, a layer of concealer alone won’t hide a hickey. It’s more of a process. Start with makeup primer so that everything stays in place. Apply a yellow-based concealer that matches your skin tone – this will get rid of blue-purple tint. Next, apply a layer of green concealer to cancel out the redness. Then apply the same foundation you used on your face, and blend the outer edges so everything looks normal. Finish with a loose powder to keep things looking natural. Voila! It should be almost entirely gone.


Wear A Cute Scarf

Probably your best option is to accessorize with a cute scarf. Scarves always look good, and if it goes with the rest of your outfit, it won’t seem weird. In the warmer weather, add a light, flowery scarf with a tank. In the colder weather, wear a cozier one. You’ll look chic AND no one will see your hickey.

Apply Ice


If you want to try to get rid of your hickey more than just cover it up, get some ice. Put it in a baggie or wrap it in a cloth or paper towel – don’t apply it directly. Try to do this as quickly as possible. It will minimize redness and swelling.

Wear A Turtleneck


Two notes: don’t wear a turtleneck if it’s warm out. And don’t wear one if you’ve never worn one in your life. People will immediately know something is up. Instead, choose this easy option if you wear turtlenecks a lot.

Apply Heat and Massage The Area


If it’s been a few days since you got your hickey and it’s still going strong, try applying heat to the area (don’t do this unless it’s been 48 hours). Put a heating bad or warm towel on the area and hold it there for a few minutes. Once it’s warm, massage the area gently from the inside out. The massage breaks up blood clots and improves circulation. Be gentle though!

Use A Frozen Spoon


This is basically the same as the ice method, but everyone’s heard about the frozen spoon method, so I had to include it! Does it work? A little bit. Like I said, applying ice to the area minimizes redness and swelling. Do this as quickly as possible.

Use A Warm Teabag


A damp, warm teabag is a good substitute for a heating pad. Teabags are good for swelling (I put them on my eyes when they’re red), and they just feel nice. Add a gentle massage at the end.

Brush It With A Toothbrush


I know this sounds weird, but hear me out. Take a brand new, stiff toothbrush, and brush the area of the hickey. Be careful – if you press too hard, you’ll make this situation a lot worse. Brush for a few minutes, then wait about 20 minutes, and then apply ice or a frozen spoon. If it looks like it’s improving, repeat the process.