1. Can you comb it or brush it? 

How long does it take to get your hair like that? Must take forever!”

2. Do you wash your hair? Seriously? Rude. And obviously, yes.


3. You’ve got “good hair.” It’s time for the phrases “good hair” and “bad hair” to go away forever. They are labels that speak to an outdated and limited Eurocentric standard of beauty that we shouldn’t buy into anymore. All hair is good hair.

4. How’d you get it to do that? It depends entirely on what you mean by “that.” If you’re referring to the spirally, voluminous, and upward nature by which my hair grows out of my head, then I didn’t do anything. I just let it grow and be fabulous on its own terms.

5. You know who you look just like? Jill Scott. No wait, Solange. No, wait, Tracee Ellis Ross. No, wait … All those ladies have beautiful hair, but we don’t all look alike. My natural hair allows my personality to shine. While I may admire a celebrity’s style, the fact that our hair grows up and out in a similar way doesn’t mean I really look that much like them.

6. Do you go swimming with it? Of course I do. My natural hair doesn’t hold me back from swimming or working out.

7. Does it hurt to comb it? I know my hair may look vibrant and alive, but you do know that hair doesn’t have nerve endings, right? Natural hair does require careful detangling, but if I comb it from the tip and work my way up to the root, and don’t pull on it, there is no pain involved.

8. CAN. I. TOUCH. IT? First of all, that’s such a weird question. Second of all, no. I’m not a pet. And eww, where have your hands been?