Marriage is a scary prospect, especially considering the after-effects. For men specially, marriage is just the beginning of a long and arduous journey of exploration, excitement and realization. In this article, we take a look at a few things every man must do before marriage. These points on things to do before marriage are confined particularly to men, for men sometimes do not realize the importance of doing certain things before marriage. As a man, you must know that there are certain things you cannot do after marriage- some things just need to be done before you get married. So let us go ahead and look at these things you should do before marriage. These things every man should do before marriage give you insight into some of the things that aren’t possible after marriage. Here are 8 things every man should do before marriage. Read on…


Hang Out With Your Buddies As Much As Possible The first of many things men should do before marriage is hanging out with school and college buddies as much as possible. If you didn’t know this for a fact, it’d be hard to hang out with them the way you used to after marriage.

Give Up Swearing Too Much As an unmarried, free male, there sure is no limit to the amount of swear words you can use. After marriage though, things change drastically. An important thing to do before marriage is to reduce employing swear words in sentences like you previously used to.

Buy All The Gadgets You Possibly Can After marriage, know that there will be constraints on the amount of money you can spend. So, make sure you get your hands on your favourite gadgets before its too late.


Have A Fling Things can get really hard if you haven’t been with a girl prior to marriage. In fact, you can end up wrecking your married life if you do not understand the expectations and mindset of women. Try, as far as possible, to have a fling at least. It can serve to be a great benefit, although inconspicuous in many a way.

Your Finances Now,coming to the more important things men should do before marriage. Get your finances in order and stabilize your life. If you do not have your finances in order, you cannot take the marriage route yet.

Learn How To Cook Learning how to cook will not only help your relationship with your partner post marriage but will also help you survive when your partner isn’t around. This is an important thing men ignore; but if there is a credible list of things men should do before marriage, cooking figures right there at the top.

Travel Alone The peace associated with travelling alone is as impressive as the word impressive can get. Make sure you take time out and travel someplace alone. A trip alone can change the way you view life as well.

Learn All Those Things You Wanted To Learning Whether it is martial arts, the guitar or dance, you will never get the time to do it all after marriage. List out the things that interest you and do them, for marriage isn’t to lenient in this regard.