8 Signs Your Man Is A Cheater

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It’s true that women are much more perceptive and intuitive than men when it comes to relationships and life, in general. Sometimes, our perceptiveness is what gets us labeled as paranoid or drama queens. Though this may be true to some degree, there’s little doubt that most of the time, our sixth sense is totally accurate that something is off. When it comes to guys, they all act and react in a generally similar way, which can be predicted pretty easily. This is why there are a zillion articles out there telling us girls what exactly our guy will get up to if he’s losing interest in you and gaining it elsewhere. The question is which of these thousands of signs are sure shot guaranteed to occur if your man is cheating on you. Read on to find that out the exact 8 signals that your man will send out if he indeed is hooking up elsewhere.


‘I’m not like that’. How many times have guys spoken this line to a suspecting girlfriend is beyond me. If you so much as talk about another guy who cheated on his girl, in evidently, the guilty conscience of a guy who is doing exactly the same will jump into gear and exclaim unnecessarily that he would never do that, or he’s just not like that. As if you needed any clarifications! If your guy takes the defensive position and acts all jumpy when you mention a cheater, beware. Nothing ever gets a man so defensive for no reason. He’s definitely hiding something.


This is the classic method adapted by scheming men, when they feel you’ve got your doubts about their loyalty. They’ll play the victim and accuse you of being unfair and make you feel like you’re acting like a crazy psycho! If he’s really all that innocent, why make you feel like the brutal bad guy? A more realistic reaction would be to simply explain to you why he’s failed to give you the time or attention that makes you think he’s got his interest somewhere else, and better yet, make up for his bad behavior. A guy who loves you would think twice before telling you that you need to see a psychiatrist. Don’t let this go as a joke or a seemingly harmless comment. Now would be a good time to be on your guard.


This is the most obvious signal your guy can send out. All the alarms are going off in your system, screaming out that there’s something extremely fishy going on. If your guy suddenly rushes out of the room to answer a phone call, or acts incredibly jumpy about a text message, something is definitely not right. When his CELLarrow phone starts being treated like a treasure and less like a device, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get snoopy. By snoopy I don’t mean start acting like a crazed paranoid girlfriend!

It simply means to start noticing his jumpy reactions and keeping an eye on how secretive he is with his cell-phone. If he doesn’t let you so much as hold it for a few minutes and snatches it back, it’s not because he’s getting you a secret vacation booked at an exotic beach resort, that much is for sure!


Constantly being told that you aren’t good enough, intelligent enough, pretty enough or thin enough by your man is not only hurtful, it’s a tell-tale sign that he’s come down to criticizing you and making you feel as worthless as possible before he makes his next move. This justifies his cheating ways, not only to himself, but it ends up in you yourself thinking you’re just not good enough for this super-man. This is where your guy is laying the first brick of his foundation of lies. When all is said and done, and you find out he was all the while cheating, your mind will rewind to this phase where he made you feel so low and useless that you actually blame yourself for the split. Your gut instinct will tell you otherwise, so listen to it carefully.


You’ve called, you’ve texted, and you’ve even sent voice messages plus a poke on Facebook. All in vain. He doesn’t answer any of the above. You start to think he’s dropped off the face of earth, and the panic hits you. Just when you’re about to file a missing persons report with the police, he casually calls or texts you, acting as if nothing ever happened. Oh yes, there’ll be the usual string of excuses. He was in a meeting, or his phone was on a charger in a different room or that it was set to silent and he completely got caught up with something important. He was about to reply but just couldn’t get around to it.

Hmmm…somehow something doesn’t add up. Of course it doesn’t! No matter how busy we all get, don’t we always find a minute to answer a panicky phone call just to put that person out of their misery? There’s also that automatic text reply that can be sent by the touch of a button telling you he’s busy and will get back to you. Disappearing for hours and hours with no plausible explanation just smells fishy.


Ever feel like you’re on an invisible leash? Sounds really demeaning but that’s how many women feel when they’re in a relationship with controlling men. How does this signal he’s a cheater? Easy. He controls what you do, what you wear, who you meet and hang out with and for how long, yet you seem to have zero control on his whereabouts and behavior. He constantly keeps a check on you, much like your dad, but as soon as you start to question anything he does, the reaction is to shut you out. You tell yourself he loves you so much he can’t bear to let you out of his sight, but a little voice inside your head tells you otherwise. Love is a two-way street. If you’re giving and letting him order you around, normally he would let you exert some control over his life too. Not that it’s a healthy thing to have in a relationship, but when you’re at the giving end and he’s only at the receiving, it’s time to break down the wall and find out exactly what he’s hiding from you.


When you’ve been with someone for a long time, you tend to let go and relax more into the relationship. You enter a comfort zone where you don’t feel as conscious about your body or going make-up free in front of him. Same goes for your guy. He might start skipping his daily jog, let loose in the knowledge that you both love each other unconditionally. Suddenly, your guy becomes addicted to the gym, or he fusses about his hairline even though it’s not close to receding. You can tell he’s totally into getting into shape and toning himself up. You think, ‘wow, this is good’. Hold that thought.

A standard tell-tale sign your guy has his eyes elsewhere is when he suddenly starts being really interested in keeping himself in shape, taking showers at irregular hours and as petty as this may sound, he even starts to use his cologne a lot more. All in all, right in the middle of your comfortable relationship, he’s got this sudden urge to look as hot as possible. Pay close attention girly. This guy could be slipping right out of hands into another girl’s right under your nose.


You’re out of phone credit and grab his CELL
phone to make a call. You’re met with the request for a code on his screen. It’s like being punched in the stomach. You can’t think of a reason why he feels the need to protect his phone with a password. When confronted, your guys shrugs it off and says it’s to keep his personal stuff safe from his friends or his nieces and nephews. You almost believe him. Then you ask for the code, and he offers to put it in himself, opting not to let you know it. That’s when you can safely assume it’s not his friends or kids he’s worried about. It’s YOU. Let’s face it, we all keep passwords and codes on our emails and social media because we want to protect our privacy from strangers, but do we ever keep things hidden from the person closest to us? No. As fearful as you may feel about finding out what he’s hiding on his cell phone, better to look now. If you choose to ignore it, it may just come back and hit you in the face.

It’s an ugly truth to face up to, and any girl would be gutted to think that her guy is two-timing her, but the sad reality is that it happens a lot, and is more common than we like to think. Look at it this way, be glad he gave you all these hints and you caught him early on, because nothing is worse than having the feeling you’re being played with, but choosing to sit back and turn into a nervous wreck every time your guy leaves the house. You deserve better.

SOURCE: olwomen.com