In any relationship, there are many things guys don’t reveal and there are an equal number of things girls don’t reveal. A transparent relationship wherein problems, feelings and secrets in particular are shared is definitely the ideal one. Being open will definitely unravel the path to sustenance and longevity in the relationship. But as we all agree, it is these very feelings and secrets that can cause a slew of problems and hurdles in a relationship.

As a matter of fact, although it is necessary to be open, hiding a few things actually helps. It helps to preclude unnecessary arguments and spats. This is precisely the reason why certain mature people choose not to reveal everything to their partners. Especially if your partner is squeamish, it is recommended that you do not share every minuscule detail about the things you like.

In this article, we look at things you should hide from your partner. This also invariably points to the many things guys don’t reveal and an equal number of things girls don’t reveal.

Here are 8 things you definitely shouldn’t reveal to your partner. Read on…

Your Salary This isn’t true in every case. An ideal relationship that is healthy will definitely involve sharing of money and details about your earnings. But sharing your salary can be detrimental in certain cases and mostly holds good in the case of women. For instance, if you are a woman and you earn more than your man, it can be a worrisome situation. Money sure can be a major problem, honey!

Your Facebook Password This sure is definitely one of the many things you should hide from your partner. You wouldn’t want your partner to know the people you’ve been speaking to, do you?

The Daily Worries Make sure you don’t bring in your daily frustrations and worries, for the topic can be excruciatingly boring. It is important to do so. But not all the time, certainly not!

Your Impractical Expectations Every body has expectations from their partners- some practical, some impractical. Make sure you don’t make them feel wanting as far as your impractical expectations are concerned- something you shouldn’t reveal to your partner. Make them feel good about themselves. It will inevitably make you feel good too.

Your Secret Crush And Admirations This is something your partner would definitely not want to know! Keep your secret admirations for another person to yourself. Do not go about revealing too much to your partner.

If You Dislike A Member In Their Family If you are contemplating being together, even if you strongly dislike somebody in their family, Telling them at the surface level is fine. But taking it too far, well, not advisable.

Your Past- If You Don’t Like It Past relationships? Well a strict no no. Even more detrimental to the relationship is if you make even the slightest comparison, be it knowingly or unknowingly.

What You Reveal To Your Best Friend Friends stay for ever, whether you are in a relationship or not. Never tell your partner what you reveal to your best friend. There are certain things only your best friend will know and should know remember that for a relationship tip.