An average person has an average job to support his family and pay his bills. More successful people buy something extra such as a car or a trip abroad if they have saved enough.

People who can afford to own a yacht, a jet or an island are considered to be rich. The rich buy ancients items, pieces of art and rare gems.
Larry Ellison is quite an extravagant businessman who has recently invested 300 million dollars in Lanai, a Hawaiian islands. Now 97% of Lanai Island belongs to Ellison. Being of the richest men on the planet no doubt he can purchase another 20 islands. Can you? Of course you can! There are quite a few wonderful places offering people with an average income buy and own their own islands.
Here is a list of 8 locations where you can become an owner of your own paradise:

1. Alligator Caye, Belize
Rent a boat and visit the island, located some 40 minutes from the City of Belize. It takes only $99,000 USD to become the owner of the island that is situated among the Belize Barrier Reef, the second most impressive reef in the world. This place is considered one of the most valuable sites on the planet. The ecology is of great importance here. The island is included in the list of World Heritage. The island’s blue sky, clear water and wonderful nature can become your home.

2. Boca Chica Island, Panama
One of the most luxurious places is Boca Chica Island. It is located in Panama and is known for its exotic beauty. If you are interested in fishing, you will definitely enjoy the place. You will also be impressed by its flora and fauna. The scenery is beyond compare: the Pacific Ocean with numerous other islands all around Boca Chica. The infrastructure is constantly being improved. To reach the island is quite easy since it has its own international airport. The island is sold for at $1.5 million USD.

3. Roatan, Honduras
Another island that is sold for a reasonable price is the island of Roatan belonging to Honduras. This island is also the biggest one of the Bay islands. The place has all modern amenities hence it keeps attracting more and more people. You will never regret buying and owning such a marvelous place. Choose from a wide range of different options offered to potential buyers.

4. Hastholmen, Sweden
If your dream is to live in Europe, then consider Sweden. Nearby Dalom, a picturesque town, there is a not less attractive island name Hastholmen. The island is sold for $309,000 USD. Be the lucky one to own it! It comes with a sauna, two wonderful cottages, a boathouse, plus sundecks and bathing spots. The island takes pride in its fantastic nature: numerous ponds for fishing fans, forests and spacious pastures.

5. Piacabucu Islands, Brazil
The ever blooming Brazil invited all those who are interested in buying some property to visit the Piacabucu Islands. The territory covers 81.58 acres and is sold for $81,971 USD. These islands form a group of six and located on the Sao Francisco River. Not only will you enjoy the beauty of the river itself, but you will also have an opportunity to see a great deal of fruit trees. The price is quite affordable for a nationally important place that might some day become your property.

6. Mavuva Island, Fiji
Are you into exotic places? Then there is another island for you to consider – Mavuva Island. The site is located very close to the northern coast of Vanua Levu in Fiji. This private island encompassing 42 acres is sold for $125,000 USD. Buying this island will guarantee that you will always have a place offering great boating facilities and conditions, wonderful scenery, never ending good sunny weather and relaxed atmosphere.

7. Kastawei Island, Vanuatu
Vanuatu is a small country located in the South Pacific. Kastawei Island that belongs to Vanuatu is a wonderful place for those who prefer active lifestyle. Here you can practice your skills in swimming and diving. It gives a lot of other opportunities as well. The territory of the island does not exceed one acre and covers only 0.83 acres, however it is quite enough to start building the home of your dreams. The island is sold for $199,000 USD which makes the site one of the cheapest islands available to potential buyers.

8. Bird Island, Florida
The Harris Chain of Lakes is known to be the home of The Bird Island of Florida. Nearby there are villages. The island is also relatively close to Lady Lake. The place is perfect for those who appreciate quiet and calm atmosphere. People who prefer water sports are also always welcome. The island is sold for $250,000 USD.