1. Freelance Writing

This should be your first choice because freelance writing is the most prevalent form of online job available write now.

Freelance writing encompasses various forms of writing like content writing, article writing, ghost writing, copywriting, technical writing, writing novels etc.

You can write about anything and make money depending upon projects you undertake.

There are some famous websites to start with like Upwork, Freelance, Job Guru etc

2. eBooks Publishing via Amazon Kindle

Continuing with your writing skill there is another way you can make money with.

And that is through writing eBooks and publishing it on Amazon kindle. You write books and sell it for few dollars like $1 or $2.

However, writing eBooks that could sell is bit difficult than freelance writing. Here you need some experience in writing. If your content is not good then no one is going to buy your eBook.

3. Blogging and Vlogging

Blogging and then there is Vlogging.

You all know about blogging. Decide on a niche and start posting great posts daily. After some
time monetize your blog with Google Adsense. That is how you make money with blogging. It is so easy.

Vlogging is all about creating videos and uploading on YouTube. If you are getting views then monetize it with Google Adsense. Some famous Vloggers are Smosh, Jenna Marbles etc

4. WordPress and Website Designing

Now we deviate from writing to coding and designing. WordPress jobs are one of the most popular online jobs right now.

If you can build an entire website using WordPress as platform then you are lucky because you get to make huge money from new clients daily. You could venture into offering Shopify services or even eBay designing. There is a huge market for people who don’t how to design a compelling shop to lure customers to buy. You may want to offer them a program on how to design your shopify store, this will bring in huge business!

Young WordPress designers have made a career out of WordPress and website designing.

5. Gaming Software Development and Coding Jobs

Apart from developing web pages and coding for Android Apps you can also code for different online gaming software.

You know gaming is big on the internet. If you are a programmer or a developer for games then you can get various jobs online.

It wouldn’t be difficult for you finding coding jobs if you got real talent.

6. Photoshop Designing

Now we are drifting from coding jobs to designing. If you know Adobe Photoshop then you
can make a living online as well as offline.

There is huge demand for Photoshop jobs like desktop publishing, designing cover etc.

If you have some experience and knowledge of designing then you can easily find a job online.

7. Online Tutoring

Now we digress from marketing jobs to tutoring jobs. Online tutoring is becoming popular, and tutoring services are becoming more and more necessary with the difficulty of some of the homework that school students are receiving these days.

You might have heard about Khan Academy. You can be a tutor and give coaching online via Skype.

You need to know your subjects and you can easily find tutoring jobs. You get paid depending upon the sessions you take up.

8. Web Researcher and Survey Jobs

Similarly web researcher jobs are like survey jobs. A researching company like Neilson or Pew needs researchers like you who can conduct surveys and collect various samples.

This could be done online right from your desktop or laptop.

You complete surveys and get paid according to the type of survey you take up.