Believe it or not it can be a bit trickier when you’re dating over 50. It all depends on what you’re looking for of course but ladies, be prepared to meet some of these guys.

  1. The Complainer – This guy likes to whinge. If you’ve been the one to arrange where to meet he will most likely complain about the location, the parking, the weather, the traffic he encountered on the way and most definitely about the price of a coffee in Costa. Keep calm and just try to keep the date short. That pile of ironing is starting to look appealing now.
  2. The Style Icon – While you should always make an effort when going on a date, you will meet a guy at some point who didn’t get the email about the dress code. He won’t bat an eyelid about turning up in a fleece and old jeans. Hopefully he will impress you so much with his sparkling wit and banter that you’ll be prepared to overlook it. I’m not placing any bets on that one.
  3. Doting Daddy – Hopefully the guys you want to date have families as then they’ll understand if you have to cancel at any time due to a family emergency. What you don’t sign up for is someone leaving you in the middle of dinner, because he has to take one of his daughters shopping as she’s run out of teabags.
  4. Players – Think that they’re too old to be players? Think again. Some men like to still think that they’ve got all the moves and if you’re chatting with someone who doesn’t actually use your name in the conversation, but there’s a lot of “Hun” and “Sweet” he’s probably got a few ladies lined up. Fat balding men just don’t seem to know when to give up.
  5. Boring Brian – Without doubt you will meet this guy, in fact it’s probably safe to say that a few of your dates will turn out to be ones where you don’t actually have to speak at all, as you won’t get a word in. You’ll hear all about the different bus routes, where the rest of his department where he works are going on holiday, what his ex is up to, and you probably won’t get asked one single question. Safe to say your ears will be bleeding.
  6. Anyone Will Do – This guy is looking for a companion, someone to “do stuff” with. He wants someone to go on holiday with, visit garden centres, markets, car boots, and someone to go to the corner shop with him. It doesn’t matter who you are, anyone at all will do. Some women might want the same but hopefully you want someone who’s already got a bit of a life going on.
  7. Can’t Be Bothered – He’s not prepared to travel far to meet you ,in fact he’d prefer it if you came to see him in his local pub as it’s on the street where he lives, that way he doesn’t have to go past the second lamp post. Yet on his profile he says “Would relocate if I met the right woman.”
  8. Set In Their Ways – As far as the bedroom goes it’s probably safe to say they’ll fall into one of two camps. Either wanting to try things that they’ve never done before or, the opposite. So don’t expect too much. Maybe leaving the light on is as exciting as it’s going to get.