For some girls, moving in with your boyfriend seems like a fun decision as compared to a life altering one, but it is something you have to give a lot of thought and consideration. Before you pack your belongings to live together with him, here are some things you should ask yourself to avoid making the false choice.

1. Is this really what I want to be doing?

Take some time to really consider whether moving in with your man is something you want to be doing. It’s okay to feel scared – big changes can potentially lead to equally big disasters. But if you feel like you’re being pressured into it, or if you foresee a lot of problems in living in the same space, be vocal about it now.

2. You have a drawer of clothes at his place and vice versa

If you already have a drawer of clothes and toiletries at his place and his at yours and if you spend more nights together each week at his place than you do alone at your place, then you’ve already adjusted and eased into living together which shows that you’re ready to take the next step and actually move in with the man.

3. Do you have fun together?

If you want to move in together, you have to be certain that you really enjoy being in your other half’s company. He’s going to be more than just a normal roommate, there is no “Okay I’ll go to my room and you go to yours tonight” — you share one room, you share your space and you better really want to be around the person you’re sharing your room with.

4. You’ve talked about the future and what you both want together.

Moving in together does not necessarily mean marriage but it is one of the steps leading to it so it’s key that you’re both in sync about your life plans. For example, you both want to move to a different country or state together or have kids in the next five to ten years. Be sure that you share the same understanding as to why you’re moving in together. If one of you sees it as step before getting engage and if the other sees it as practicality, then you’d best not pack your boxes.

5. You’ve been dating for at least six months.

The first six months of any relationship is also more commonly known as the honeymoon period. It’s the period where your partner can do no wrong and you’re blinded to his flaws, which is why it’s best to wait till after the honeymoon is over before considering moving in together. This way, you would have gotten to know each other well and have a clear picture on where the relationship stands.

6. Money Talks.

Money is a very important thing when it comes to making just about any decisions in life. Financial stability is very important and if you have very different incomes and one of you can’t make the monthly rent, or if one of you would have to pay more than the other then you might want to rethink your decision. This also applies to the need of buying any furniture. You will need to kit out the area that your living in, meaning the really expensive high gloss furniture in fashion TV stand you want will probably have to wait until you can afford it, after you’ve bought the essential furniture like a bed. If you already have separate places that you’ve furnished, you’ll need to think about what you will have to get rid of as you can’t have two of everything! When it comes to disposing of these items, contact a company like who can help you locate a local dumpster service.

7. Joint Decisions.

Now that you’re going to be living together, you’ll have to consider giving up a little bit, or in some cases, a big part of your freedom. The both of you will also need to understand that the decisions in the relationship will have to be made together. Decisions from monthly expenses to chores to hanging out with friends will have to be made and agreed on together without arguments.

8. Follow Your Instinct

There is no harm in seeking for advice from family and friends but at the end of the day, you need to remember that no one knows what’s best for you better than you do. If you know that this is the man that you want to live with, if you’ve given it all the thought that you could have and if you know you’re ready to move in with him, then do it! Whatever you decide to do, just make sure that it is your decision.

Moving in together and living with your other half is not an easy step to navigate but it can be one of the most beautiful things that can happen in your relationship. To make it a bit less stressful, it might be a good idea to use a company such as My friend told me they were so helpful with their move. So consider all the things that need to be considered, figure out the big stuff now and as long as you both have love and respect for each other then the little things will work itself out.